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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by tede, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. project13et

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    I used AB for long time and I tested Afterburner beta 16 also , and I can say this tool is working much better and stable then afterburner.
  2. Metroid

    Metroid Guest

    Afterburner sets the voltage regardless of anything, this tool fails to set the voltages sometimes.
  3. Hurtman

    Hurtman Guest

    All cards identical , Asus ROG Strix 480 8 Gb
    At the first card it is uprated only a voltage, frequencies are exposed normally
    All cards core clock 1100 mem clock 1925 (1500 strap) core and mem voltage = 850 mV
    On the first card the voltage instead of 850 turns out 970
  4. Tiba

    Tiba Guest


    You will have offset support?

  5. Metroid

    Metroid Guest

    Afterburner sets the voltage regardless of anything, this tool fails to set the voltages sometimes.

    I can confirm this happens, not all the time but it happens most of time.
  6. staman

    staman Guest

    I'm grateful for this tool but there are several issues with it using the newest blockchain driver (august23). I'm using your latest 0.1.7 beta 5 (also tried the non-beta version)
    Just testing it but these are the problems I'm facing:

    - After setting up a freq/voltage for my RX580's they are randomly revert back to default during the mining (Claymore 9.8). Sometime it is one card, sometime it's the other. Once it take 20 minutes, other time it happen after 20 seconds!
    (this is very very frustrating, I can't use it properly for my RIG of 580's)
    - Loading the profile over again wont work. I have to reset the cards, load the profile and apply over again. When I'm doing this via script, sometime it takes 3-4 attempts to apply ! Also, in GUI first card is detected as 0: ... but when I'm typing -p0x first cards is 1 ! Wondering why?
    - No matter what I do, I can't set/reset the second/third/... card via command line! Only first card is accepting the commands. The other do nothing! Only via GUI
    - Also, if there is no card number 3-4-... it shouldn't accept the command -p04 xxx because there is no card where to apply it!

    Please, is there something you can do about that reverting issue? If there is anything I can help, please let me know (log files, etc.. )
    Thank you

    PS: MSI afterburn beta16 is also not working for me. I can set up freq but voltage stays locked for me (yes, I enabled it in settings. Nothing is happening when moving the Voltage slider!)

    EDIT: Oh my.. figered out that you have problem with this latest beta where did you added 10+ GPU support. -p01 is meesed out, but -p1 is working. Also, card identification isn't working right while using -p0x ..
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  7. project13et

    project13et Guest

    Did you disable state 1 to 6 for Processor and 1 to 2 for Memory ?
    I just did a batch file to load the profile and they are working and applied from the first time without any problem.

    If I try to load a profile for a Nvidia card it give a message that it say clear the profile can't be loaded.
    The 10+ GPU is working fine, I test it on multiple systems and has no problem, make sure you write good the command and load the proper profile.

    Regarding MSI try to enter in the profile folder and to edit each file with:


    Delete anything else and let only this lines. To this with MSI closed.
  8. project13et

    project13et Guest

    I watched a rig for few hours and I can't replicate this bug. I try on multiple card rigs but also in my testing terminal where I connect only 1 video card.
    I have no osscilation for VDDC or even GPU power draw.
  9. Hurtman

    Hurtman Guest

    The same problem on the first card already at several people occurs
  10. staman

    staman Guest

    Uhm, not my day :) Thank you, will try ...

    I also noticed that when i will set -cvddc to 900, it's shown as .875 in HWinfo64. The values are not set exactly as I'm doing.. no offset

    I'd love to stay with this tool rather than using MSI Afterburn .. (until Claymore 9.9 is released and each GPU can use -cvddc/mvddc/cclock/mclock commands like until the Blockchain drivers has been released)

    Thank you for your help
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  11. staman

    staman Guest

    Allright, you did say disable P1 to P6 and M1 to M2 .. right?
    That leave P0 and P7 for GPU (default value and overclocked one)...
    and M1 + M2? That leave only default value of 300MHz for memory.. do 580's having more states than the others?

    Please see this prinscreen attached, is that setting correct?


    If the answer is YES, there is another problem with it. Happen to me overnight. Card failed to work even after computer restart. I had to do DDU + drivers installation + patch again!
    From the Overdriventool log: Cannot get Overdrive capabilities for adapter 0 (error -1)

    PS: I'm also having CVDDC fluctuations. After every computer restart is the value diferent. My value is set to 900mV for all cards, saw there .875 to .912mV .. but this doesn't bother me that much right now
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  12. project13et

    project13et Guest


    P0 is also disable for me , even in wattman you can select minim state and maxim state and use only 1 profile.

    Also script to load profile before miner starts

    start /d "C:\Users\RigXX\Desktop\OD\" OverdriveNTool.exe -p01"1a" -p02"2a" -p03"3a" -p04"4a" -p05"5a" -p06"6a" -p07"7a" -p08"8a"

    For me p00 is an nvidia card.
  13. staman

    staman Guest

    Too late, i did that :)
    but very same way than you did..
    I'm also reseting the GPU's via -r1 -r2 ... command before setting OC/UV profile

    Script is at the moment running on rig of 8 PowerColor RX 580 Red Dragon 8GB

    thank you anyway
  14. tede

    tede Guest

    Sorry for this, use older version 0.1.6 or 0.1.8 beta1 in which i fixed DPI problem.
    Unless you have 11 or more GPUs you don't need to bother with this. Nothing is changed for normal users
  15. Chastity

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    Nitro 5700XT/6800M
    TY for the update :)

  16. Hurtman

    Hurtman Guest

    I have found how to bypass a bug of overestimate of a voltage on the first card
    To reset settings the first card on default and then again to load and apply from a profile
  17. JSSSX

    JSSSX Guest

    Hello TEDE,

    I have noticed some weird behaviour regarding GPU Voltage and Memory Voltage :

    - If I change the memory voltage, GPU-Z will report a VDDC change even if I didn't change the GPU voltage.
    And, as the opposite, if I change the GPU voltage, GPU-Z will not notice any change.

    It is acting like GPU and Memory voltage data mismatch with GPU-Z.

    Does anyone else noticed that ?
  18. tede

    tede Guest

    Well, as i noticed, lowest voltage under load would be the highest from last Pstate memory or GPU.
    For example if you have RX500 and set 1000mV to GPU P7, and 1080mV to Memory P2 then 1080mV would be also taken to power GPU, and lowering GPU P7 voltage would take no effect on VDDC
    Just don't set higher voltage to memory than gpu
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  19. Tiba

    Tiba Guest

    Hello Tede,
    You will do offset support?
  20. JSSSX

    JSSSX Guest

    I have been doing a lot of tests recently and noticed this issue :

    I made a .bat file to reset from time to time all the 7 cards then reload all with the same profile
    Note that none of the cards crash, they are all stable and keeping values, it's just to make sure that everything will remain fine anyway.

    Command used is :
    OverdriveNTool.exe -r0 -r1 -r2 -r3 -r4 -r5 -r6
    OverdriveNTool.exe cp0"0" cp1"0" cp2"0" cp3"0" cp4"1" cp5"0" cp6"0"

    All cards reset and re-apply settings from profile named "0" except for card 0 which keeps reset value.
    Clicking apply on OverdriveNtool won't do anything, I must enter any different value, then apply, then add the really wanted value and apply to get the wanted value taken into account.

    I reproduced this small but annoying issue with 2 separate cards on a different and much older computer.

    Hope some v0.19 may cast this far far away :) or maybe am I wrong with the command line, I wish I am.
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