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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by tede, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. tede

    tede Guest

    Im currently not going to add any monitoring features, there are many other applications that have it (GPU-Z is most known)
    You can put this to batfile, first line will set profile, second line will open app
    OverdriveNTool.exe -p0"name"

    Here is 0.1.7beta2 to test, I2C offset and LLC is there. It currently does not store I2c settings to the profile. Neccessary registers i found here

    I need to take a break from this
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  2. faridgv

    faridgv Guest

    i2c and LLC not work with 500 series
  3. tede

    tede Guest

    Maybe you have different controller, it supports IR3567B only, i don't have registers for other controllers. If someone gives me this data i will add support for them. Also i will add phase gain and current scale like in watttool.

    Do you see controls for voltage Offset and LLC checkbox ON/OFF, and can use them or just message that's not found?
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  4. kjra178

    kjra178 Guest

    IR3567B not found :) with msi rx580

  5. faridgv

    faridgv Guest

    not found,where is controller?
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  6. tede

    tede Guest

    If Watttool's I2C does not work for your GPU, then this also won't. This should remove any doubts.
    Here is 0.1.7beta4, I2C must be enabled in system menu->options to test it.
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  7. Chastity

    Chastity Ancient Guru

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    Nitro 5700XT/6800M
    I think ZippyShare got haxx0rd, since teh download page is one giant redirect.
  8. project13et

    project13et Guest

    I am running a 13 system rig and when I try to load the profile with -p11"11" -p12"12" it say GPU with id=1 is not supported because GPU is an Nvidia.
    Can you help with this issue? Thanks,
  9. tede

    tede Guest

    Wow, i did't expect anybody can have more than 10 GPUs in one motherboard, how you did that? Crysis works well?;) Do you have Nvidia GPUs and they are visible in the GPu list?
    In -p command you can now only specify gpu_ids from 0 to 9.
    In new versions i will add gpu count checking, and if there is above 10 gpus you must specify 2 digits as gpu_id in all commands (for cards 0-9 need leading 0 to be added)
    -p00"Name1" -p01"Name2" -p02"Name" -p03"Name1" -p04"Name1" -p05"Name1" -p06"Name1" -p07"Name1" -p08"Name1" -p09"Name1" -p10"Name1" -p11"Name1" -p12"Name1"
    -r00 -r12 cm07"name" -c01"Name2"

    This 0.1.7beta5 includes changes, use it to resolve your problem.
  10. project13et

    project13et Guest

    Thank you very much for your fast answer.

    I am running ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ motherboards on multiple mining rigs, Combined GTX 1060 / 1070 with RX580 , I integrate this tool in the miner batch file, so it applies the overclock before the miner start since AMD mess up everything with the latest drivers, special the voltage part.

    Crysis is working great but FarCry 1 is still low FPS :)

  11. dosenfisch

    dosenfisch Guest

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    Hi, with the original 17.6 Vega Driver, this tool was working fine with the Vega Frontier Edition. After switching to 17.8.2 beta, it says "This Gpu is not supported". Also, it always opens in the middle of Desktop, not the middle of the primary display when using more then one. Therefore, the upper parts of the tool are missing, because my "middle" screen is the smallest one and is aligned with the lower parts of the other ones.
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  12. Metroid

    Metroid Guest

    GPU driver only widow is very small, you must set landscape, I wish this tool was like watttool, portrait, is much easier as portrait, reason why i dont like afterburner.
  13. Béla

    Béla Guest

    I tryed your program with 3xasus strixRx570+2xasus expeditionRx570+1xmsi gamingXRx480.

    480 work fine, but all 570 memory freq. alternate P1<->P2 (P0 and P1 disabled).
    Unfortunately P1 can't changeable (freq and voltage too).

    Voltage offset work with strix cards, but not work with expedition (controller not found).

    (windows10-blockchain driver08.11 and blockchain driver08.23)

    ps.: sorry for my bad english and very thx for this tool
  14. tede

    tede Guest

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  15. project13et

    project13et Guest

    The Clock memory oscillation is because of the new drivers, they just consume more watts, if you try to overclock the GPU too much and you don't give enough voltage or power then it can't reach continues that mhz , and remain stable at the desire GPU clock. Try to reduce the number in the clock and to find a sweet spot where the GPU clock remains stable.

    Also make sure you don't use any overclock feature from Claymore miner since is not stable with the latest version of drivers.
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  16. project13et

    project13et Guest

    I can confirm that by disabling the P0 , P1 etc you can use lower voltage more stable. For example on RX 580 8GB Special Edition (the blue one) , I am using 1200 Mhz/ 2200 memory with 900 mv / cv
    all other states beside last one are disable from clock or memory.

    ETH 30.747 Mh/s with SiaCoin at 614.935 Mh/s at maxim 110 watts very similar to what was before blockchain drivers.
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  17. Hurtman

    Hurtman Guest

    Thanks, it works!
    5 of 6 video cards work at those volts which I exposed.
    But the first video card ignores and gives tension above.
    How it is possible to decide?
  18. Metroid

    Metroid Guest

    it must be a bug with the driver. If this tool could set voltage like afterburner with delay, that would solve it.
  19. Chastity

    Chastity Ancient Guru

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    Nitro 5700XT/6800M
    For some reason when I use scaling other than 100% on Desktop, the app screen is not sizing properly, and I lose some boxes. This was not happening before.
  20. project13et

    project13et Guest

    Is the first video card a different model ? I don't have Wattman installed since if a driver failed, wattman is reseting to default the video card settings.
    Or if the card is a different model it could be possible to don't be able to reach the desire mh/z at that voltage and you will need to find it's own twist.

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