Overclocking Mobility Radeon HD4570 (512mb)

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    ATi Mobility 4570 512mb
    Hi, i just signed up today to ask this question, any help would be appreciated.

    So i have a Toshiba Satellite a505-s6965, 2.0GHz processor, 4GB Ram(2.5 now, one of my modules died), and Mobility 4570 512mb (GDDR3)

    I decided to overclock and with RivaTuner I managed to OC my core clock from (stock) 680MHz to 850Mhz (170Mhz difference)

    My stock memory clock is 800Mhz, but if I slide it even barely to make it higher, and accept, my system instantly crashes.

    tl;dr, can't OC memory clock, system crashes, any ideas?

    P.S I'm aware that OCing on a laptop isn't a good idea, but so far my temps have been stable (highest I got was 72c, idles in the 50's, during a game high 50s to 60s)


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