Overclocking just work in native resolution 1920x1080p

Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Application Development Forum' started by qlauz, Oct 28, 2017.

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    I used the msi afterburner and did some overclocking which seems to be working fine in the uniginie valley program. I used riva to see clear Changes of the mhz in both gpu and cpu.

    The problem is that the overclocking of the gpu only seems to work in the resolution 1920x1080p in CS GO (the original resolution).

    When i change the resolution to what i prefer, i can see the mhz going down from the oc, 2063 to the original 1586 something. Since i dont want to play on this resolution in the game, its a huge problem.

    I use 1280x960 stretched in the game and when i use this, it automatically goes back to 1586 again, from 2063 to this original setting without overclocking. So in other Words, the overclocking only works in the original resolution of the game.

    Why does it do this? ThereĀ“s has to be a way to make it stay overclocked no matter what resolution i decide to use in the game CS GO.

    Btw, i have a gtx 1070 8 gb x gaming, i5 7600k and using windows 10.

    Please help
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    This is normal. Even if you OC, if the GPU is not used, it clocks down because there would be no benefit in maintaining high clocks.

    When you play at a lower resolution, the GPU is not utilized because CS:GO is CPU-bound. In other words, if you want a performance boost in CS:GO, you need to OC your CPU, not your GPU. OCing the GPU is useless in CS:GO, since it doesn't use the GPU much to begin with, especially at 1080p and lower.

    If you decrease the CPU bottleneck (either by OCing the CPU or by buying a faster one), then your GPU OC would actually do something. Right now, it doesn't.

    In CS:GO, overclocking your GPU is useless, but overclocking your CPU gives a big FPS boost.
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    Boom, backing up exactly what he said.
    LMFAO using 960p on a 1070 is overkill for even CS GO but using a 7600k to play a cpu bound res. Alrighty then. You really need a good 5GHZ OC on that 7600k for CS GO.

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