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  1. the defualt speed in my radeon all in wonder is 166/166 <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif"> <br>
    my system specs are <br>
    athlon t-bird 1000mhz<br>
    kt7a -raid <br>
    192mbs sdram -pc-100 <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif"> <br>
    how high should i oc with no extra cooling <IMG SRC="smileys/suspect.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/wave.gif">
  2. rcf84

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    200/200 is best you can get. Any thing highier objects will appear during the games
  3. David Deed

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    Geforce 6600
    Mines fine, I think mines clocked at 166mhz.<br>
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  4. The Tweaker

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    What about for the Radeon SE 64 VIVO? Mine is clocked at 198/198. I heard that WITHOUT extra cooling, I can clock it to 235/230 or around there. Can anyone verify this as it would be a good help to me as it would be my first overclocking with a video card? Thanks!

  5. Red_Harvest

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    You can probably hit about 230 with the 64 DDR without doing anything special. Mine runs stable there and the room and case aren't particularly cool. (I measure about 25-26 room, 30 C at the VIA northbridge.) I start getting memory induced video defects at about 240 after a few minutes during 3DMark2000 with the case closed. At 238 MHz the card scored 6654 in 3DMark2000 default benchmark and I have a mid pack CPU (running 942 MHz on an Athlon.)<br>
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  6. The Tweaker

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    Thanks for the info. I'll try it when I get home. BTW, what third party utility are you using for overclocking? Powerstrip? I currently use RadeonTweaker for tweaking the card,and I think it has a overclocking utility built in. If so, I'll try to overclock it. For overclocking, I heard that it is best to do it in 5 MHZ increments. What do you have your Core and Memory set to?<br>
    For heat, when I first turned on my comp. yesterday, curiously, I used Sisoft Sandra to check the temp. It said that (I think) the board was 74F and the CPU was 115F and the Aux was..don't remember but below 100F, maybe 85F. Are these ok temps? <br>
    Should I be getting anything cooler? I have been thinking about geting a cooler for the Radeon, but I have never done a modification, like installing a heatsink, to a video card before. Do you highly recommend the BlueOrb to other vid. card coolers? Thanks for help.
  7. Red_Harvest

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    I've never tried doing anything special for card/memory cooling. It did feel like the card was getting pretty warm when I opened the case after I aborted a 240 MHz run.<br>
    I don't know how much cooling the card would help. It appeared that the memory was causing the artifacts and it is difficult to cool memory and get any improvement from what I have read. I've only overclocked two different cards so far (a GTS and the Radeon) so I'm no expert on the subject. I used Powerstrip to do the overclock, but I tested Radeon Tweaker as well. The Radeon memory and core run synchronously, unlike the GF2 which runs asynchronously allowing pure memory overclocking. I went something like 210, 220, 225, 230, 235, 240. You should probably take smaller steps than that as you hit 220 or so. I've seen it suggested that you back off at least 10-15 MHz from where you start to see trouble during stress testing.<br>
    At any rate I wouldn't overclock much unless you can afford to replace it if you break it. Right now I will turn up the clock when I'm ready to play something and turn it back down for other stuff. No reason to put wear and tear on the card while I'm web browsing...
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    <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif">
  9. Why are you crying....was it something that I said?<br>
    P.S. why did you change icon??....now have to re-edit post...<br>
    Note: previous poster has big circle like-sun crying...<br>
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    With Radeon SE, I heard that with no extra cooling, it can be bumped up to 230/230. Probably with ramsinks and better fan, it can be push to 24x/24x.<br>
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  10. Rico

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    My Radeon's clocked at 198/198 because I have a Radeon 64mb DDR ViVo card.<br>
    The RadeonTweaker software program has a docbar that gives info on what u'r doin'<br>
    This is what the overclocking utility says and I quote<br>
    " This sets the speed of both the Radeon core and the memory. The memory is usually the limiting factor. Most Radeon's can hit 180-190 mhz safely. The 64 meg VIVO variety can usually 200-210 mhz "

  11. "Most Radeon's can hit 180-190 mhz safely."<br>
    Yeah...the LE version......<br>
    Maybe OEM 64VIVO........<br>
    "The 64 meg VIVO variety can usually 200-210 mhz"<br>
    OEM? SE ver.?<br>
    I hope not SE ver.....<br>
    I hope the trade-up program goes thru. Then everybody will have either a SE or a Radeon II. Get rid of the LEs and VEs....<br>
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    The Next version of the Radeon VE the Rv200 is a monster faster then the GF2 Ultra for $150 the Radeon 2 will be around $250-$300. Radeon 2 Maxx will be around $350-$400.
  13. For overclocking Radeon...make sure that the memory timings are set to slow. At default, they are normal. Must be set to slow; then you can o'clock higher. I wonder if you can do that with GeForces.....<br><br><i>This message was edited by The 1 Tweaker on 10 Aug 2001 10:58 PM</i>
  14. rcf84

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    Cool thx for the fact.

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