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Discussion in 'General Software and Applications' started by gdeliana, Jul 26, 2005.

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    I have a POP3 account since 2002, accesing it with Outlook Express. Yesterday i got a powerful virus which wasn't able to be detected even by the most advanced antiviruses (Norton 2005). So i decided to format the HD, backed up the Outlook storage files (inbox, outbox etc) and exported my POP3 account to a file.

    Now in the new system, after restoring the backup and importing the account, when i click send/recieve button it starts to retrieve all the messages from the server (since 2002). How can i set up Outlook Express not to retrieve all the messages from the server but maybe to retrieve messages from a certain date and up. Please help me as a lot of my work depends on my e-mail and i want it to work as it used to work. If it can't be done by Outlook Express, please suggest me another e-mail client which is able to control retrieval date.

    Also i set manually the storage folder, so dont't say me that maybe i haven't configured Outlook where to look for
    the inbox etc.
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    There's an option to download just the headers, and not the entire email, that would probably speed it up quite a lot.

    Apart from that, not sure, you should remove the emails off the server

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