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    hey. i have a Off topic question in regards to Auto HDR and thought unwinder or someone with programing knowledge would know the answer to this

    so with windows 11 (and i guess a updated version of windows 10) we get auto HDR and so far its awesome. i've wanted apex legends, control, overwatch to be in HDR and now i can!!!! and so far its looking good!! but i've noticed a few little things.

    first with control. auto hdr works when running the DX11 .exe of the game but not DX12. just for the heck of it i moved the dx11 .exe to a different folder and then renamed the DX12 .exe with the same name as the DX11 .exe and it worked. dx12 version of the game now works

    Auto HDR does not work with all games. there must be a whitelist that microsoft uses to deem what games will use it or not.

    my question is, is there a way to force Auto HDR to run on a game that is deemed "incompatible" by microsoft? i ask this because of how auto hdr works fine with control in dx11 but not in dx12 unless i change the .exe name to that of the DX11 version. with auto hdr working under dx12 for that game it works perfectly. no issues or bugs that i've noticed so far.

    Fortnite was working for the past week and there was an game update the other night and now the game is not using auto hdr anymore :( (for both dx11 and 12) but it was before the patch. i want to force it to just run. i figured being how i edited the .exe name for control and it work. there must be some sort of whitelist or lookup table that windows checks. i figured i could edit it to just force whatever game to run with auto HDR.

    lmk and thanks :)
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