Optoma Presents the Ultimate 4K UHD Home Cinema Projectors

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 8, 2017.

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    A really impressive piece of kit for the money!!

    I was not expecting a 4K projector for such a good price for another few years, though was starting to feel unhappy with the overly big tech lag/high projector prices that just seemed unnecessary at any reasonable piece point.

    Very tempting to sell my Sony VPL-HW55ES and upgrade to one of these...

    but I'm not sure I can personally go back to a DLP based projector and deal with the rainbow effect. I used to have a BenQ w1110 DLP projector which was actually very good as they go in this regard (also has a very low input lag btw, less than 10ms), though most people don't notice the rainbow effect on this model it was still distracting for a few people in my household.

    "SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) is Sony's LCOS video projection technology. LCOS, or Liquid Crystal on Silicon is like a hybrid of DLP and LCD technologies. A layer of liquid crystal sits on top of a reflective surface. The light created by the lamp reflects off this surface, or not if the liquid crystal twists to block it."

    This tech is reserved for more expensive projectors (mid range I guess at this point) and does not suffer from the rainbow effect + the border between pixel is much smaller than DLP making the image appear of a much higher resolution for many media types.

    Well still tempting as affordable 4K finally is, there is no point in it until I upgrade my media PC's GFx to something with HDMI 2 outputs. Hurry up Vega !
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    Woah, nice prices indeed!
    I guess they will translate (I hope) to around the same Euro prices too.

    I almost paid this much for my (still in use Kappa) Panasonic PT-AX200E (720p :banana: lol) a couple years back.

    I'd probably upgrade when these come down in price a just little bit, hmmmmm very tempting :nerd:
  4. schmidtbag

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    I too think those are pretty good prices. I've always had an interest in projectors because it's easy to do seamless multi-monitor setups. This is great if you want to do something like an ultra-wide half-pipe display. I never got into it because I either never had the space or the money, one or the other. Now, I do have the money (but still not the space) but with VR headsets costing less, the idea doesn't seem quite as attractive to me.

  5. Kaarme

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    Those 2x4W internal speakers should satisfy any home theater enthusiast. It's great to see they went so far instead of having just 2x3W, which would be just a joke.
  6. 4UJER84URF84

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    After looking at the specs I would like one myself, This is good news as 4k projectors are falling in price nice, The cheaper projector has greater brightness which is good output at 3000 lumens, Better start saving for one.
  7. AcidSnow

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    I'm using a Sony VPL-HW55ES too, and I also didn't expect the price of a 4K PJ to be reasonable this early. ...I'd like to invest in a 4K thing, but graphics cards aren't there yet for 4K, plus I sit 12ft away from my 120" screen, so 1080p still works for me.

    The problem I have with massive screens like mine, is that they only support a native FPS of 60. And when the image is 120" across, you can see each frame really easily. Luckily Frame Interpolation really-really helps this issue. But I'll wait until they have PJ's with 120fps.
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  8. LimitbreakOr

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    Just 2 weeks ago, I bought an Epson 2040 projector and I don't regret it. as tempting as 4k is and specially at that price point, i think the technology just isn't there yet. I'm not a fan of single chip DLP at all so 3 chip lcd is the way to go. Granted, this projector has an amazing contrast but that comes at a price, other than the terrible rainbow effect of single chip projectors, another worry is the fact that the brightness isn't equal across all colors. With 3 lcd projectors, the contrast isn't as high but you get very even and vivid colors.

    The thing about contrast... if you have a 1 million to 1 dynamic contrast but your walls and ceilings are white... you might as well have a 200:1 contrast as the reflections will wash everything out anyways. So unless you're willing to make a true home cinema with black walls.. don't make the contrast your number 1 priority.

    By the way, as nice as 4k is, it would be much nicer if it supported 3d! hopefully in a couple of years we can have a complete package of a projector with 4k, HDR, Dolby Vision with passive 3d! that would be amazing. (for 2k$)
  9. Exascale

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    It supports Rec.709 color, which is a tiny gamut, but the real UHD standard is Rec.2020.

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