OpenGL stereoscopic Driver / converter / wrapper porting

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    Greetings , i apologize to user ramthegamer, but when i tried to register, the names i would invent would not work for some reason at the time of registration.

    Anyway, i like to play games in Stereo 3D, anything from Snes games to /general 2d that are capable, to classic consoles or PC titles that use polygons.

    I stick to those because i cant afford the newest games, nor the specs needed for them.

    Either way , my favorite games are the N64's, & the best driver for its emulators is iz3D, however if you want to play N64 games with enhancements, like texture packs or some missing effects, or Widescreen conversion, OpenGL is the only way.

    Unfortunately the only success i had with an OpenGL game in windows was with Doom 3, using a wrapper & NvidiaGeforce 3d card, this wrapper was created exclusively for it & my attempts to adapt it for project 64 failed.

    However, there is a driver / converter that DOES work, & its featured in the LG optimus 3d phone, i can run N64 games with OpenGL & texture packs, but the phone's limited hardware can only do poor frame-rates.

    So in a nutshell, LG has a driver that works, & it was even featured in other products, like LG's old Google 3d tv's.

    I as wondering if there is any way to reverse-engineer the the driver, or find any way to request for LG to do a windows or linux version.

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