OpenGL problem ?

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    Vista OpenGL problem ?

    Iam trying to help someone in another forum re what seems a nvidia graphics driver issue in Vista that I havent seen before.

    The problem is that the games's diag program reports that opengl isn't installed. At first he was using the Microsoft Vista drivers so this is what you would expect. Then someone else didnt realise that he was using Vista and got him to install the latest official Xp drivers.
    This is where I came in and I told him that he needs to uninstall them and install the latest official Vista drivers from nvidia but the diag program still said opengl wasnt installed. I told him to reinstall following the instructions in the release notes but no luck.

    What should he do now?
    I was going to suggest uninstalling the drivers and then use drivercleaner pro ( assuming it works in Vista)to clean out any trace of the drivers and then reinstall the proper drivers.

    Is this sound advice or should I suggest something else ?

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    Welcome to Guru. :)

    Its definately worth trying DriverCleaner pro as it does work in Vista now, he could still have remnants of the XP drivers still in there, and they could be casuing havok with Vista.
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    If the graphic card is from the 6xxx series i strongly sugest that you install 81.98 for XP in Vista using campatibility mode. They work better than ANY of the proper vista drivers. And when i say better is the difference between unplayable to perfect.

    Downside: You lose aero.

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