One can modify a gtx 470 in 480

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    One can modify a gtx 470 in 480 while modifying the bios from there graphic card.
    What is the maximum temperature to not to pass on a GTX470.
    That remains different enough in relation to people, but there is necessarily a just value.
    Some speak of 75° out my case is ventilated very well, but the card heats if me leash the regulation of the automatic fan, I wait for 92° if I make a profile ventilations with
    MSI Afterburner I wait for 72° steady, I don't understand why one cannot modify in the bios the characteristic degrees fan as on the Radeons with the utilitarian Fermi_BIOS_Editor_1551.
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    Gigabyte RTX 3080
    Is there a question in there somewhere?

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