Onboard Sound Vs. Add in Sound Card

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    I sure hope it measures better than their R2R dac & amp combos...
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    So I finally got my LME49860NA op-amps, my subjective impressions after a few hours so far:

    As per my conversation with @DW75

    Speakers: JBL LSR305P II
    Headphones: Alessandro MS-Pro

    - high frequencies more smooth and warm and more pleasing overall but at times I feel I've lost a bit of that attack with the heavy rock stuff, just a tad and very well could just be my imagination
    - tighter and more body in the bass
    - wider and more open soundstage, also noticing more depth, like sound is more projected further in front of the speakers; finally starting to understand why people rave about the JBL305's soundstage
    - finer details in music sounds more apparent

    So far I am hearing bigger differences in my speakers than I do my headphones though, particularly with the soundstage.
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    The LME49860NA opamps are quite neutral in their signature. Nothing is over overemphasized in any of the frequencies. The JRC2114D opamps are quite bloated and muddy in the bass, and they are also harsh, sibilant, and grainy in the highs. It may be that you got used to the sound of those opamps, and will just need to adjust to the more neutral and articulate response of the LME49860NA opamps. Treble on these opamps is very clean and smooth. These opamps are also very low distortion.
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    I just swaped out those JRC211FD opamps for the LME49860NA, and really is better.

    I been using asus sonic studio III with nahimic that comes with the onboard audio to enhance the audio coming out of the ZxR.
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