Onboard Sound Vs. Add in Sound Card

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    Since I don't use my PC for music and just for gaming, I settled on the Centurion 7.1 for that. Just discovered using their Nahimic driver is borked and causes sound issues with some games. I don't know if it is a Windows 10 with a recent update or Asus issue. Considering the driver did not change, I am leaning toward Windows. Oddly enough, using the default Windows USB audio endpoint driver works perfect with using Boom3D to control the headset. It actually sounds better than the Asus Sonic Studio software... tootsie pops.gif
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    EVGA RTX 2070
    apparently realtek issued dmca takedown on sites that have been leaking audio drivers for like the longest time .

    a github fork was shutdown. and threads on asus forums was deleted.

    and login was changed for ftp that had leaked drivers was changed.

    wtf realtek....

    they basically screwed over people with boards that dont get oem driver updates anymore.

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