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Onboard Sound Vs. Add in Sound Card

Discussion in 'Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats' started by ROBSCIX, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. x58haze

    x58haze Master Guru

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    EVGA GTX 1060 6GB
    I was referring in the main tab of latency moon this one:
    but yeah when chrome is open and some tabs the latency keeps on 54-70. but when everything close drops, also noticed in ryzen master tool when using 3.7 profile 1 latencies on main tab of latency moon software will remind 54-70 so the msi on gpu or audio didn't anything regardless of main tab latency mon, just to not share ISR
  2. dsbig

    dsbig Ancient Guru

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    been comparing S1220A chip on my board with my ZxR

    the S1220A sounds way better.
    could be the nahimic drivers combine with asus uwp.

    my ZxR seems to be leveling voices with music. some the voices would be lower then the music. even with adjusting settings would make it worse.
  3. GenClaymore

    GenClaymore Ancient Guru

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    Nvidia GTX 1080 FE
    Dsbig its down to the op-amp's that creative used on the sound blaster ZXR. Mainly the JRC's that are installed in the I/V socket's on the card. When I had the ZXR, I had to swap out the JRC's my self to another pair of op-amp's to improve the existing sound signature of the card.

    Of course evidently swap them both out later down the line, but in your case, you may have to swap out the JRC's. I found that I still have my op-amp notes, i just have to look them up.
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