Ok, Heated Debate Time..Paging File......is Yours Turned On Or Off???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Pill Monster, Sep 5, 2007.

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    FYI windows doesn't check the pagefile, it creates a new one from scratch at every boot.
    And it doesn't write the entire file either, it just makes a file system entry saying that there is a file there.
    It fills in the contents later as it needs to store things to it.
    You're only losing disk space with a massive page file, there is no intrinsic performance loss.

    Although, you shouldn't forget the massive computer slowdown when your system has to expand the page file because it ran out. It's basically halted in place for like 5 minutes.

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    HIS HD4870/Samsung2343BWX
    I have 4gigs of RAM.
    My Pagefile was ~5000.
    I decreased it to 1.5gigs and now, everything is faster. :bigsmile:
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    Unbelievable.... If Animatrix saw this, he'd have a hissy fit.

    You cannot "force" Windows to use RAM by turning off the pagefile! How many bloody times does it have to be repeated?! Not only will you end up with worse performance, but some applications will simply fail to launch if the pagefile is disabled. Whatever "performance increases" you think you're seeing are actually placebo-driven notions of success induced on the basis of the ever-existing myth that turning off the pagefile results in Windows using your RAM instead of hard drive space. Myths are called 'myths' for a reason! Sheesh...

    It's as if every time somebody "discovers" something which supposedly brings about performance improvements, people just fail to acknowledge the fallacious nature of the claim, and the myth starts living a life of its own. It's as if people don't want to accept that the claim is false, and refuse to believe it when they are told that it isn't true. The same thing happened with the r2_parallax_h tweak for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - everybody started using it after one guy said it increased performance, and suddenly, it was a commonly accepted fact that the tweak delivered increased performance, even though, in reality, the variable itself was dysfunctional!

    How brain-dead can you get?

    EDIT: By the way, I suggest keeping a contiguous pagefile, around 1500mb in size. If you're armed with only 1Gb or less of RAM, have it set to around 2000-2500mb, and if you've got 2Gb or more, around 1000mb should suffice.
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    i have my page file on a second hard drive and turning it off on the primary one. by doing this has increased my map loading and such in games greatly. (especially the bf series).
    as for apps i havent really noticed any difference between it being on the primary or secondary

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    5500 nvidia /quadro 600 unlocked?
    I still have yet to see benchmarks proving or disproving weither or not vmem increases speed potential across the board or no diffrence. with large ram with minimal ram on or off v-mem max/min. would kinda get a clearer image of whats going on with what.

    loading anything into ram, and directly to display or whatever, would be the fastest way around the system.

    would having the hd use as Random access memory*... add more bandwidth to this memory cycle. or does it just slow things down despite that potential, why?

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