Official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Thread....

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  1. Official S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost Thread....

    Hope everybody enjoys this thread.....

    STALKER.... firts lets get acqauinted with the graphics....








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  2. Here r a few more screenshots...:






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  3. Here is a rundown of the amazing engine:

    X-Ray Engine

    X-Ray is a powerful game engine implementing modern technologies. The engine does not support software rendering and requires a DirectX® 8 or higher compatible accelerator.


    Levels combining closed spaces as well as enormous open areas
    On demand loading makes it possible to create a single huge level
    Game time flow, change of time of the day
    Powerful skeleton-based animation allows usage of motion-capture hardware and produces smooth and realistic motion of characters
    VR-Simulation engine optimized for massive load


    Support for all third generation D3D compatible accelerators, optimized for Geforce3 and up
    Visualization optimized for hardware TnL (both FF and shading capable parts)
    Continuous level of detail technology for all the geometry
    ~300 000 polygons per frame at 60 fps on average hardware
    Detailed character models (500-10 000 polys)
    High-speed blended animation system capable of an infinite number of bone interpolation & modulation operations
    SSE/3Dnow! Technologies used for skinning and forward kinematics
    Visibility determination
    Portal-style, non-linear subdivision based visibility detection system
    Optimized for T&L hardware by batching primitives in optimally sized groups
    Dynamic occlusion culling, contribution culling
    Adaptive hardware state caching technology
    Colored dynamic lights and dynamic "soft" shadows
    Breakable light sources
    Animated lights
    Character shadowing
    Intelligent light source selection, clipping, and merging
    Detail mapping
    Water, flares, coronas, etc.
    Particle system with real physics
    Screen post-processing
    The Shader library is central to every part of the rendering pipeline
    Completely abstracts the graphics API.
    Multi-pass Rendering
    Fallback Shaders
    Facilitates cross-platform development
    Separates shader writing from engine development
    Pixel and Vertex shaders are automatically used (on shader capable hardware.)
    Detail objects:
    Grass, small stones, etc.
    Enviromental effects, such as wind, turbulence, and tracks


    Based on ODE engine
    Simulation speed outperforms commercial engines such as MathEngine, Havok, etc.
    Real-time IK, vehicle physics, etc.
    Collision database with low memory usage
    Collision detection optimized for a large number of queries in a high concentration polygonal environment
    Realistic simulation of ballistics, movement, and fluids


    High quality HRTF 3D-sound with clipping and partial wave tracing
    Location-based environmental audio affected by surrounding obstructions
    Context-relative multiple-mixed music streams in MP3/MP2/WMA/ADPCM formats


    Distributed computing
    Client-Server based system
    In-house tools ( Level, Shader, Particle, and Actor Editors )
    Plug-ins for popular modeling packages


    Simulation Level-Of-Detail and Culling (2 AI models - high and low detail)
    Fiber based time distribution allows scalable AI without any slowdown
    Virtual senses; sight, hearing and touch
    Terrain-aware tactical assessment system
    FSM with random factor
    Data driven design (pattern based evaluation functions are automatically generated and optimized on training examples - supervised learning)

    ^^^^That seems impreesive enough eh?? heres some more..:

    The whole world living its own life:

    Man-made calamity, corrupt nature, psychological and physical threats, anomalies, odd deadly phenomena, mutated creatures, stalkers, military cordons, scientific camps.
    Vast territory of the Zone.
    Absolute freedom of movement with imperceptible level loading.
    Dynamic day-night switching system
    Dynamic weather effects as rain, wind, fog, etc.
    Generation of events, tasks, artifacts
    Anomalous energy blowouts, peaks of anomalous activity, migrating anomalies.
    Anomalous areas
    Unique creatures and characters:

    Unique abilities of creatures as group intellect, telepathy, telekinesis etc.
    Behaviour and life simulation for creatures and characters.
    Characters and creatures move around under control of global intellect.
    Impressive script.
    Non-linear storyline.
    Several endings of the game.
    Events happening regardless of the player's actions.
    Game time system
    over 30 types of weapons
    Unique weapons and their influence on enemy.
    Weapon upgrades.
    Devices and protective suits.
    Trade in weapons, artifacts and equipment.

    300.000 - 3.000.000 polygons per frame
    Dynamic shadows and lighting
    Characters are correctly shaded by objects
    Powerful physics engine, i.e controlling vehicles, detailing objects, bullet ballistics, skeleton animation, etc.
    Realistic AI, i.e characters' behaviour is adequate to environment and events happening around. Soldiers patrol the Zone perimeter. Stalkers travel the Zone independently of the player collecting anomalous formations, trading, communicating and fighting. Mutants increase their population, migrate in Zone, eliminating stalkers, soldiers and each other.
    Motion capture animation
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  4. Here is the background story of the game...:

    April 12, 2006, 02:33 p.m.

    Chernobyl zone was lit by an intolerably bright light. The clouds were evaporating in the silver bright sky with a thunder and earthquake to follow. People fell on the ground facedown closing their bleeding eyes and ears. The glow spread over an immense territory which was subsequently called the Zone. People ran away saving their lives. It looked like a radioactive explosion at the nuclear plant occurred. The army sealed off the Zone...

    The explosion epicenter was a kilometre away from the nuclear plant. Obviously, some tests had been held there and they caused the disaster. Presumably, the entire personnel died within seconds, but still there was a probability of survivals among the staff. It appeared impossible to arrange a rescue operation, as the Zone was characterized by strange energy disturbances posing mortal danger to the explorers. Attempts to use robots were unavailing. Several months after the accident the crisis situation peaked when the Zone abruptly grew five kilometres bigger. People from nearby towns and villages were urgently evacuated, and the peril of a difficult-to-imagine scope loomed over the world.

    Year 2008

    The Zone exploded, radioactive clouds covered vast territories. A dreadful amount of people, animals and forests perished. Thirty kilometres of the area got cordoned off by the army, scientists failed to explain what had happened. The Zone grew, various death-bearing anomalies were spotted inside. Some invisible force tore living beings apart, inflicted awful blood-sputtering wounds. Expeditions faced mutant animals, unlikely to have appeared in the Zone through natural course of evolution. The catastrophe, mutants, anomalies, contamination… Everything appeared to be a consequence of some eerie phenomenon…

    Year 2010

    First expeditions can enter the Zone several kilometers deep without mortal danger . Amateur researchers, marauders and poachers, called stalkers, show up. They move around the Zone searching for various anomalous formations, i.e. artifacts, they would sell to various organizations.

  5. Here is the The actual story of what happened at the meltdown there:

    The Accident Chronicle:

    25th of April

    The planned power loss of the reactor begins

    The power is set at the level of 1600 MW(t)

    The emergency cooling system is disabled (as part of the experiment). The power should have been reduced but there has been an instruction from Kiev to keep the power at the same level (1600 MW(t)). The experiment program is delayed.

    Repeated power reduce

    26th of April

    The diminishing power level passes 720 MW(t)

    The power level is about 500 MW(t). The automatic control switches on and unexpectedly causes the power to decline to 30 MW(t)

    The operator tries to restore the power by taking out the reaction control rods. To keep less than 26 rods the permission of the chief engineer is needed. At that time the number of rods has already become smaller.

    The power level is increased to 200 MW(t)

    The additional pump is switched on in the left cooling system hose to increase the water flow reaching the reactor (as part of the experiment)

    The additional pump is switched on in the right cooling system hose (as part of the experiment). These additional pumps cool the core faster and the water level decreases in the steam separator.

    The operator deactivates the system of low steam pressure reactor shut down

    The operator increases the water flaw

    Some control rods are removed to increase the power by rising the temperature and pressure in the steam separator. According to the rules the minimum number of manual control rods is 15 however at that point there are probably only 8 of them available

    The water flaw is decreased to the level lower than the one permitted to stabilize the water level in the steam separator and reduce the cooling of the kernel

    The formation of steam begins in the kernel

    The emergency situation warning is received but the state of the reactor is stable.

    The automatic control rods are removed from the kernel

    Steam formation sharply increases. It may cause rise of power

    The amount of steam begins to increase uncontrollably

    Emergency button is pressed. Automatic control rods are returned into the kernel

    The level of power exceeds the rated power a 100 times

    Nuclear fuel reacts with the cooling water and it causes a high pressure impulse in the fuel channels

    Fuel channels are destroyed.

    Two explosions occur. They destroy the roof of the reactor and let air have access which causes the flammable gas formation and fire.
  6. Here is another thing which will have something to do with the games storyline:


    Official information (The Real Info)

    The Over-the-horizon radar serves for early detection of intercontinental ballistic missiles by their starting jets. Its principle of operation is based on the radio signal being reflected by ionosphere. Hence, it is called “over-the-horizon radar” of spatial wave.

    The idea of over-the-horizon detection of aircrafts in short-wave range at a distance of 3000 km was suggested by designer N.I. Kabanov in 1946.

    Since the 1960’s designer F.A. Kuzmin developed the over-the-horizon radar of the “Duga” type. In NATO’s classifications the “Duga” radar went under code name "Steel Yard".

    The first prototype of OTHR (over-the-horizon radar) “Duga-1” was successfully tested against Soviet ballistic missiles launched from the Far East to engage targets in Novaya Zemlya range ground in 1970.

    Experimental unit “Chernobyl-2” in Chernobyl area was put into operation in 1980.

    The receiving antenna was 135 m and 300 m in height and width respectively. The transmitting one was 210 m wide and 85 m high. Besides those two, the complex also included 26 transmitters of two-story building size each. In 1985, this station became part of the USSR anti-aircraft defence-system. Cantonment was built near the radar accommodating 1000 men working there 24/7.

    According to some information the OTHR “Duga” complex was able to detect launch of the Tomahavk cruise missile from an atomic submarine.

    After the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant the “Chernobyl-2” complex experiments were halted, the station closed down temporarily and most valuable assets removed. In 1987, it was decided to shut down the OTHR and liquidate it afterwards.

    In the 90’s the radar station was plundered.

    During the OTHR exploitation in conditions of the north latitude intercontinental ballistic missile airways certain drawbacks were detected. The North Pole chaotic disturbances of ionosphere limited OTHRs to detecting only mass launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. As a result these units were not added to the Soviet armoury.

    Total project outlay made up about 600 million Soviet roubles.

    Unofficial information (The stuff that will have to do with the game i guess)


    Experimental complex “Chernobyl-2” was a top-secret unit. It was marked as a “pioneer camp” on all topographic maps of that period.

    Duga-type OTHRs were called “Russian Woodpeckers” in the West. The first transmission from this complex started on July 4, 1976. They impaired radio communication in the range 3 to 30 MHz all over the world. Its impulses were transmitted with one tenth second interval. The signal could be detected by both special devices and usual radio sets where it could be heard as a pulsatory sound, hence the name.

    Western secret services seriously investigated in other effects of “Russian Woodpecker” such as capability to influence weather or even affect human mind, considering this device a USSR experimental weapon. These theories were reasonable as numerous researches on influence of electromagnetic radiation had been carried out for many years. For example, at the beginning of the century Tesla’s experiment on wireless electricity transfer caused energy break down and dozens of forest fires because of the storms that began after the experiment. More information about the Tesla’s experiments you can get here. In 1978, the “Specula” magazine posted research results according to which electromagnetic signals of certain frequency can go through the earth. Penetrating its surface at the angle of 30 degrees they form standing waves in the interior of the Earth. This in turn can cause earthquakes and atmospheric disturbances.

    The research also studied the possibility of OTHR to transmit the waves capable of affecting human mind. The idea boiled down OTHR signal being used as bearing one. This signal was modulated with another low frequency signal similar to the brain impulses in the state of depression or resentment. These signals were detected in the signals of Soviet OTHRs in many countries. They were classified as psychoactive signals capable of influence human behavior.

    Western newspapers of that period were full of information about it: “The Russians are inventing new technologies and weapons that can leave behind missiles and bombers! Taking advantage of this technology they can destroy up to five American cities a day by transmitting radio impulses. They can bring panic and diseases for whole nations.”

    The Soviet intelligence reports proved the USA conducted similar researches. The analogue of the “Russian Woodpecker” was called “Circular Saw” and it could transmit the signals that interacted with the human brain. Americans worked on the downsizing these units so that they could be installed on military vehicles as tanks and helicopters.
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  7. Side Fact..: Intrestingly enough this game is being considered a Action/RPG!!!

    Heres y they say its a RPG..:

    This is a role-playing game without growing experience of your character, without changing characteristics and levels. We'd like the player to work out his personal mastery, moreover S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an action/RPG, where much is dependent on skills of the player himself. To our mind, the changing characteristics, levels and character experience destroy realism we try to create in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. With the rest, it is virtually a normal RPG - players travel the Zone, collect artefacts, weapons, reveal anomalous zones, communicate and trade with each other. The player develops economically, just as in "Elite". He earns money, buys new equipment, weapons. Owing to that, new parts of the Zone are revealed to him. I.e. those, which you won't initially reach with a pistol and simple detector.
    What refers to characteristics, an experienced player will already act quicker and smarter than a newbie.
    We come out of presumption that the player plays as stalker - a mature, thoroughly prepared person, living in the Zone. He can be compared with a soldier who is trained to accomplish a mission. The soldier is trained for the task, but when on a mission, everything depends on himself. In the course of accomplishing the objective he cannot improve his skills drastically. That is why, unlike other games, the player, for instance, does not start playing as a character whose submachine-gun-holding hands tremble or who cannot hit a rat with his sword 9 out of 10 times, and within the next 10 years of the game time he becomes a demigod hitting a bird in the sky with his eyes closed and evading machinegun volleys. Classic system of skills is justified in third-person-view games, when nothing depends on the player's actions, like in Diablo, for instance. The player can only click on opponent - then dice are cast and, basing on skills, mathematical calculations are done. In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. this is the player's mastery which grows, and not abstract skills of a model on the screen. If the player has mastered weapon peculiarities, knows weak spots of the enemies, knows equipment and Zone anomalies, has an excellent reaction and accuracy etc - he gets an appropriate result. The hero of the game is the very player - everything depends on him solely.
    These are the reasons why there will be no upgradable characteristics. The only possibility is their decrease under certain conditions.
    And additionally, to our opinion, a true role-playing game is not determined by presence of growing characteristics, experience and levels, which are nothing more but the elegant gameplay elements, whose goal is to keep up the interest in the gameplay. Experience, skills and characteristics can be added to any game, but it will not become a role-playing title due to that. It will only be a role-playing game when there are interrelations between the characters, when the player has a possibility to choose a role for himself in the new world, that role dependent on his actions and decisions.
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    Notice the screen shots are from 2002.

    Does anyone have any "new" screen shots?
  9. Here r the different Factions in the game..:

    [​IMG] Stalker faction "Duty"

    Stalkers from this faction believe they are supposed to protect the world from mutant infestation eliminating the nidi and hives of the mutants. The Duty stalkers consider themselves witch and bloodsucker hunters. The faction is in conflict with the "Monolith" grouping.

    [​IMG] Military Stalkers

    These are professionally trained veterans. Well-equipped and armed these stalkers will be rare to come across.

    The military are interested in studying the causes and consequences of the calamity and map-making of the Zone and its anomalies. They use military stalkers recruited from elite troops and ordinary stalkers for these purposes. The military stalkers move in groups of up to five men or individually.

    The military stalkers are normally sent out on several objectives the army is interested in, i.e. a major accident site, lost research institute, etc. Thus, for example, they study residual radiation and local anomalies at the "Agroprom" research institute.

    [​IMG] Stalker

    Stalkers team up into groupings, guilds and clans with their own rules and conditions. A stalker will always get encouragement from any member of his grouping, guild or clan. Each grouping has its secret squirrel place where they meet at a fixed date. After being admitted into a grouping stalker has the right to accomplish the grouping missions and tasks. For example, some groups are at daggers drawn with each other and one of the tasks is to find out their meeting place and date and eliminate everybody to show up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Soldiers (Army/Block Post)

    Soldiers are regular military units guarding the approaches to the Zone. They patrol the perimeter shooting off mutants and catching poachers.

    [​IMG] Special forces

    Special forces are elite army detachments. They are sent into the Zone to conduct rescue operations and carry out special tasks when the army posts and patrols get frequently attacked.

    [​IMG] Dealer

    This masterful and fat man with protruding eyes lives in a cellar of an abandoned house. He is a nasty and mean person you will normally find clad in a vest and trousers. His stump of a left hand is covered with black leather. The dealer has an effortful gait because of his broken legs. It is rumored that there are many killed stalkers he sent out for a mission being fully aware of its sheer impossibility. However, he is the only dealer in the vicinity, so you have no choice. He does not give a damn about the stalkers and is openly rude with them. The dealer is always in a bad mood and normally keeps a shotgun around… Just in case.

    [​IMG] Scientists

    Scientists study anomalous effects and activity of the Zone. There are two working camps from where the expeditions are regularly sent out into the Zone. The scientists treat stalkers favourably, trade and give them assignments. The stalkers obtain artifacts needed for research and bring paralyzed creatures and mutants. The scientists, in return, sell them equipment, protective suits and new experimental devices. The camps are protected with new psychotropic equipment that protects the staff from creatures with telepathic abilities and exposure to radiation during the Blowouts. In addition to that, everyone located inside or near the camp is protected from psycho probing and psi-control.

    There were cases when the mutants broke free to eliminate researchers and guards.
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  10. Creatures/Monsters found in the game:

    [​IMG] Snork

    Anatomic similarity with a human organism comprises 90-95 percent. Snork's hair disappeared as a result of radiation exposure and living in wilderness. The body is covered with bruises and wounds. Grey or black PDA-3M respirator can be distinctly seen on its face. The lower mask part is ragged to reveal absent lips and fulvous gums.

    While moving Snork often stoops or squats, examining the ground. Due to the crushed gristly material the creature moves in a slightly hunched manner, as his spine can't bear permanent streak loads.

    The name "Snork" was given by German RTL journalist Ulrich Cose, who reported about the situation in Ukraine after the accident. In his interviews he called the monster - Schnorhel, which means - the nose. This name was to soldiers' liking, who promptly shortened it to "Snork", and the frightening "Recruit" appeared on its own. First contact with "Recruits" took place on the 22nd of May, 2007 near one of the army posts at the 30th kilometre of the Zone army supply from Kharkov side. One of the officers, waiting for the shiftman's car nearby the "post" gates, had been slaughtered to death by a "Recruit", who died of the fire of NCOs who appeared from the army post. The murder was committed with a rusty body of "Izh-91" car.

    [​IMG] Blind Dogs

    Children of wastelands and dumps. Blind dogs are encountered in packs of 10-20 individuals. Numerous dog mutations resulted in change of skeleton and muscles, atrophied sight and strong radiation immunity. Continuous research revealed unbelievable facts - the latest dog generations acquired something like a sixth sense, a distant reminiscence of telepathic sight. It seems the new sense organ serves excellently to offset their atrophied sight, allowing dogs to feel the enemy virtually through walls. The gift develops with each generation of blind dogs and what the further mutations will lead to has been earnestly hushed by specialists.

    [​IMG] Rat wolves

    Large and aggressive rat individuals. When hungry, rat wolves devour their kin. Normally a pack will have one rat wolf per ten rats. Rat wolves comprise the main basis of a large pack. Rat wolves are immune to various poisons and heavy radiation.

    [​IMG] Rats

    After the catastrophe many animals died and left the Zone, many, but not the rats. They bred extensively to become the top numerous Zone animals. Rats are found in groups, and rarely individually. Apart from usual rats you may encounter rat wolves, who are bigger and more aggressive. Rat wolves devour their kin in famine.

    Rats can sense dangerous areas and carefully avoid them, squeaking to warn the rest of rats. Rats are very witty creatures and try circling their victims around. A victim, surrounded from all sides stands no chance to survive

    [​IMG] Controller

    Dark muddled hair, semi-human face with protruding eyes, pale skin and long neck. Very careful. Possesses minor communication skills.

    The creature controls zombies from a distance making them attack stalkers. It moves around keeping an eye on the enemy. It usually takes a higher ground, gets on roofs and climbs trees.

    [​IMG] Zombies

    When noticing an enemy, zombies drop a message to the telepath and wait for an order. Until an order is given, they will stand and speculate the enemy. They can pick up and use weapons when ordered.

    [​IMG] Dwarf

    Ugly yellow-white dwarfs dwell in dungeons, their light-sensible eyes go blind under bright illumination. Dwarfs arrange traps for stalkers, scientists and the military in dungeons. They try to block all the exits using large fragments and girders. Dwarfs possess mighty arms which suit perfectly well to tear victims apart. Dwarfs wage war against blind dogs clans. Their character is nasty, effusive spite makes them do violent and unexpected actions. Anticipation and telekinetic abilities of dwarfs are very sharp. Anticipation helps them sense an enemy and guess his location, while telekinesis allows manipulating rather big objects at a distance by throwing them into enemies and delivering powerful telekinetic strokes on them. Abilities, character, along with developed intellect makes dwarfs one of the most dangerous enemies in dark spots of the Zone.

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    Due out in may 05 I can only hope its ready by then. Had my eye on this one for a while now:thumbup:
  12. Vehicles:

    [​IMG] Moskvich

    An ancient vehicle, the remnant of the last century, rambles through thickets of mutated vegetation and dilapidated fences.

    "Moskvich" is a stalker's partner in his traversing the Zone.

    Price: 1200 roubles
    Capaciousness: four people
    Carrying capacity: 150 kg

    [​IMG] Mi-24

    Helicopters have been used to patrol the Zone, back up the army and military stalkers in their actions, conduct rescue operations and eliminate major mutant troops. The choppers pose no threat to a single stalker; the same works the other way around. However, it is not recommended to tease the armoured monster crew with gunfire. It is possible to purchase a displaceable antiaircraft gun emplacement in the Zone. However, stalkers do not normally spend lots of money for a doubtful pleasure from a pranged chopper. There is one stalker who managed to save enough money and buy the helicopter. He flew for about 20 minutes over the Zone before the fuel ran out. Now he carries gas in canisters to the aircraft to get it from near Pripyat.

    Capaciousness: 10 people
    Carrying capacity: 1500 kg
    Armament: 12.7 mm Gatling type gun
    Speed: up to 300 km/h
    Must have: immense fuel supply

    [​IMG] APC BTR-70

    The military try restrain from using modern and expensive machinery for their operations in the Zone because it must be destroyed after the utilization. Therefore, the army makes use of the outdated, though still reliable, armoured personnel-carriers that were left in the Zone in plenty back in the Soviet times. The vehicle is rather expensive and not every Stalker can afford it. Though, you can always snatch it away from a patrol. Significant fuel consumption makes it quite unpopular among stalkers.

    Price: 5300 roubles
    Capaciousness: sixteen people
    Carrying capacity: 1000 kg
    Armament: 14,2 mm machine-gun
    Speed: up to 80 km/h
    Must have: significant fuel supply

    [​IMG] KAMAZ truck

    Despite all the inconveniences in use, trucks are fast and good to transport heavy things en masse.

    Price: 6000 roubles
    Capaciousness: two people
    Carrying capacity: 2000 kg
    Speed: 120 km/h
    Must have: fuel supply

    [​IMG] Niva 4x4

    Stalkers can't get vehicles by the army posts. Thus, they try to obtain them in the Zone, i.e. on the auto junkyards and irradiated machinery disposal places. After some repairing and slight modifications, which bring the vehicles back to life, stalkers use them to move around the Zone. The vehicles get armoured and equipped with devices that secure their protection from anomalous effects. When buying a vehicle make sure it is not irradiated. Niva is a cross-country capacity car.

    Price: 1800 roubles
    Capaciousness: four people
    Carrying capacity: 200 kg
    Speed: up to 70 km/h

    Must have: fuel
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    Chaintech 6800GT @ 400/1100
    All the pics 49 and higher are 2004 and with the DX9 build of the engine. Just change the number once you link to one of the pictures.
  14. Main Weapons (supposed to be 30... posting less right now):

    [​IMG] Beretta 92FS

    This 9mm semi-automatic pistol is the official sidearm of the U.S. Military. It operates on the short recoil principle, featuring a lightweight aluminium alloy frame with combat trigger guard and safety system. Its open slide design offers a completely open ejection port to increase reliability and allow easy access to the chamber for the shooter. The standard 15-round magazine is designed for rapid exchange.

    Beretta's 92 pistols feature a firing pin block that users can visually check and an external chamber loaded indicator that tells it there is a shell in the chamber. A special disassembly latch simplifies field stripping and maintenance. Steel parts feature a non-glare, corrosion resistant matte black finish. All aluminum alloy parts are anodized and the barrel is chrome-lined.

    Caliber: 9mm
    Operating system: double/single action
    Length: 217mm
    Barrel Length: 125mm
    Weight: 950-1000grm
    Magazine capacity: 15 cartridges

    [​IMG] Knife

    Weapons of last resort and means of noiseless kill. There will be a wide range of cold steel in the game. Many knives can be used as a throwing weapon.

    Types: Sword-bayonet
    Hunting knife

    [​IMG] PM Pistol (PM Makarov)

    Designed and manufactured by Izhevsk Machine Engineering Plant (Russia) for police armament in the 50s. Frequently used by rookie stalkers for its cheapness and reliability.

    Caliber: 9x18 (equals in power 9x19 mm Para.)
    Weight: 0.76 kg
    Overall length: 165 mm
    Barrel length: 93 mm
    Muzzle velocity: 420 m/s
    Rate of fire: 30 rds/min
    Aiming distance: 50 m
    Magazine capacity: 8 rds

    [​IMG] FN HP-SA Hi-Power Pistol

    Browning HP (High Power) pistols are designed for police and military armament and adopted in more than 100 countries. Browning High Power is fairly considered one of the best guns of the 20th century. Auxiliary weapon of advanced stalkers.

    Caliber: 9x19 mm Para.
    Overall length: 200 mm
    Barrel length: 118 mm
    Weight (loaded magazine): 1.085 kg
    Weight (empty magazine): 0.93 kg
    Magazine capacity: 13 rds
    Aim distance: 50 m

    [​IMG] Hunting double-barrelled gun TOZ-34

    Hunting gun TOZ-34 was designed with commercial and amateur hunting in mind. Standard cartridges 70-mm long are used for firing. The trigger mechanism equipped with two triggers is located on a separate base. Front trigger is designed for firing the lower barrel, while the back one serves to unload the upper one. Extraction of the used shells from the cartridge-chamber occurs on opening the barrels. The gun is well-balanced and possesses a high accuracy of fire. The most effective fire range is up to 50 meters.

    User-friendly and cheap, this weapon is widely popular among the novice stalkers. Stalkers frequently get hold of the "grandfather's" gun free of charge, sometimes inheriting it, getting it as a trophy or stealing.

    Caliber: 12mm
    Barrel Length: 711mm
    The length of cartridge-chamber: 70mm
    Accuracy of hits on target 750-mm large at the distance of 35 m, in % no less than
    For the upper barrel: 60%
    For the lower barrel: 50%
    Strain on the trigger: 1,5-2,5kg/sec
    Weight: 3,15kg

    [​IMG] AK-74

    AK/AKM was designed according to the principle of that time, i.e. as cheap as possible, reliable and easy to use. However, its accuracy and convenience were somewhat neglected. The rifle can be halfcocked only with the right hand, the sighting line is fairly short. AK-74 and its later modifications are the most widespread weapon in the Zone. Cheap and reliable.

    Caliber: 7.62x39 mm
    Overall length: 870 mm
    Barrel length: 415 mm
    Weight (loaded magazine): 4.876 kg
    Weight (empty magazine): 4.300 kg
    Magazine capacity: 30 rds
    Rate of fire: 600 shots/min
    Practical rate of fire: 90-100 rds/min (firing single shots),
    up to 400 rds/min (firing bursts)
    Muzzle velocity: 700 m/sec

    [​IMG] LR300

    The latest development of the Z-M Weapons company owned by Allan Zitta. The latter is well known for his extensive experience in developing new battle and sports pistols based on Colt Ì 1911. LR-300 is nothing else but a new stage in AR-15 development. LR-300 stands for Light Rifle of effective fire up to 300 meters. It is a LR-300 upper and lower receiver with a new type of interconnecting op-rod gas system, which allows for a short barrel and folding stock giving the weapon it's compact feature. The diverted felt recoil keeps the weapon on sight, with no muzzle rise. Used by advanced stalkers. Dirt-sensitive. Requires regular maintenance.

    Type: AR-15
    Caliber: .223 (5,56 NATO)
    Weight: 7 lbs.
    Overall length:
    26 1/4'' (folded)
    36'' (unfolded)
    Rate of fire: 950 rds/min
    Effective range: 300 m

    [​IMG] SVU

    This is a more up-to-date variant of the famous Dragunov SVD rifle, restocked into bull-pup configuration.

    The rifle is very convenient for traveling the Zone, a shortened variant of a powerful automatic sniper rifle. It is hard to obtain. It can be picked up from a dead military stalker. However, you better stay away from them, these are very tough guys.

    Caliber: 7.62x54 mm
    Operation: semi-automatic, gas operated
    Capacity: 10 round detachable magazine
    Weight: 3,6 kg empty without telescope
    Length: 870 mm
    Barrel Length: 520 mm
    Max Rate of Fire: 30 RPM
    Aimed Rate of Fire: 3-5 RPM
    Scope Type: PSO-1
    Accuracy: less than 2MOA at 600 m
    Range of Fire: up to 1200 m

    [​IMG] Fabrique Nationale Herstal FN2000

    FN2000 with computerized fire control module/sight and 40mm GL. Used by military stalkers and special forces. Rare and expensive thing.

    Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO
    Operation type: gas operated, rotating bolt
    Overall length: 694 mm
    Barrel length: 400 mm
    Weight (empty magazine, basic configuration): 3.6 kg
    Weight (with 40 mm GL): 4.6 kg
    Magazine capacity: 30 rds (any magazines of NATO/STANAG standard)
  15. Mannerheim

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    Those cars look too new.. I have seen document and photos in that area.. No rust at all?? x(... But animals and "dead"/mutated people look good.

    graphic engine is good. I wonder if they put some reality in game.. DOnt walk in grass of forrest. 100x more radiation and thats not gonna feel good in longterm.

    There is actually real live in that area.. Free wild horses with little babys..... :)

  16. Weapons cont.:

    [​IMG] XM-134

    Gatling type heavy machine gun with an electric barrel rotation system. As a handheld weapon may be used only with a hydraulic exo-skeleton. Rare to find in the Zone for its inconvenient application in the field conditions. Mainly used by the army to protect the perimeter from mutant troops.

    Caliber: 7,62 mm
    Weight: 36 kg (loaded, with accumulator)
    Allowance of ammunition: 2000 rds
    Rate of fire: 4000 rds/min
    Effective distance: 300 m

    [​IMG] RG-6

    Revolving grenade charger. Usually used by the military units to eliminate major mutant troops.

    Caliber: 40 mm
    Mass empty grenade charger: 5,6 kg
    Length (in a marching position): 520 mm
    Length (in a battle position): 680 mm
    Capacity: 6 grenades
    Initial velocity of a grenade: 76 m/sec
    Rate of fire: 12-15
    Radius continuous: 10 m
    Aim distance: 400 m
    Resource: 2500-3000 shots


    [​IMG] Binoculars

    Army field binoculars with built-in gyroscope. Standard equipment of a stalker.

    Magnification: x8
  17. k done .... u can post whatever u want about THIS game now :D :D :D
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  18. jackliu913

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    Ok, I gotta ask this - why the hell on earth would they name the game called STALKER?

    that sounds like some sim game where u are a sexual fiend and tries to rape women.

    Is it a horror/sci-fi based shooter?
  19. Bubbaganoosh

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    look out behind you

  20. its actually called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and they r going to tell u in the game what it stands 4.......

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