Official Detonator 43.45 release

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  1. loafbred

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    XFX 7900 GTX
    Definitely smoother with GF3 128mb, faster in OpenGL with 2X anisotropic and trilinear. Couldn't see an outline or even a single white dot anywhere in Quake 3, so it isn't a hack job. Looks really good.
  2. SoulKlekta

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    GF6600+ PCI-X 256MbDDR
    I have changed from 42.82xp Dets to the new 43.45s and have to say that the first usual tests they seem pretty stable for me :) .

    Frame rates in GL are up between 5-10fps depending and a definite improvement in image quality in D3D apps,I mostly use GL anyway so all's well.

    T-Bird 1400@1608
    Asus A7A266DDR
    768Mb PC2100
    GF4 Ti4400 128Mb
    XP Pro/SP1
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  3. PaleFace

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    I just loaded them. Did anyone else notice the Antialiasing option 43.00 went from 8x to 43.45 to 16x!

    I've got the FX 5800 Ultra and my UT2003 Benchmark program tells me it's a little less on the Flyby fps but equal to on the Botmatch fps.

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  4. dboniuk

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    MSI GTX980 Gaming 4096MB
    not going to give you a bunch of numbers and figures, but these drivers are "the stuff".

    Even on my GF4Ti4200 they have great IQ, great performance. Every visual anomolie that I have ever seen in the 4X.XX series is gone.
    Faster in every single application I have run. Significant improvements in combo FSAA+AF. I didn't think the Nvidia OGL drivers could get any faster, but they are in FSAA and AF.

    As others have reported all the visual anomolies in 3Dmark03 are gone, it renders everything beautifly, and is even faster than drivers that didn't render everything.

    Wow. Keepers.

    Anyone who claims these drivers are crap is either full of crap themesleves, or has some very esoteric issue that you wont find on 999 out of 1000 computers.


  5. The Fallen

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    R9 290 4GB
    These drivers are by far the best 4x.xx i've ever used. Superb image quality and speed with my gf3ti200 :D
  6. Realyze

    Realyze Guest

    Nvidia goofed!!

    Notice how ya can't save your custom OpenGL savings?
  7. }carnage{

    }carnage{ Guest

    sacrifice opengl. ah no. & can't save your custom OpenGL.
    thats bad.

    like direct3d.

    Mainly use opengl. opengl 2.0 comming soon.

    I think I wating for next release of PNY, Nvidia,
    45.00 or 50.00.
    50.00 all the way.

    Keeping my 43.00 detonator drivers of PNY.
    even high on benchmark people say.

  8. Saiyan

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    ASUS GTX 970 Strix
    Well not overall but quite a decent increase under massive AA+AF stress. Following is from the [H]ard|OCP forums:

    Athlon XP 1800+
    Geforce 4 Ti4600 (Stock Speeds)
    Abit AT7-MAX (KT333)
    1 x 512MB (PC2700) @ 166/CL2
    Windows 2000 Pro SP3 (DX9.0) *Not 9.0a*

    Quake III Arena

    Detonator 40.71

    800x600 5.7 seconds: 222.6 fps
    1024x768 5.8 seconds: 216.0 fps
    1280x1024 6.7 seconds: 187.3 fps


    800x600 8.6 seconds: 147.4 fps
    1024x768 12.7 seconds: 98.9 fps
    1280x1024 21.5 seconds: 58.5 fps

    Detonator 43.45

    800x600 5.6 seconds: 224.7 fps
    1024x768 5.8 seconds: 218.8 fps
    1280x1024 6.6 seconds: 190.1 fps


    800x600 7.0 seconds: 180.3 fps
    1024x768 9.3 seconds: 135.7 fps
    1280x1024 16.2 seconds: 77.7 fps

    Just get a load of the speed increase with 4xAA+8xAF. Even more than 25% if you ask me. Hmmm...
  9. abintra

    abintra Guest

    For a G3 Ti200 are these a worthy upgrade from either the 30.82's or 40.72's?

    I have one of the video cards that Nvidia no longer deems worthy of dvd playback even when the tv out is disabled and am stuck with anything 40.72 or earlier if I wish to watch dvds so would like to know if the 43.45's are substantially improved whereas I may need to go between the two (one for dvds and one for everything else).
  10. bwx232

    bwx232 Guest

    My test settup w/ everyday O/C'ing

    -Windows XP Pro SP1
    -AMD 1800xp (locked) at 1622mhz (141fsb)
    --256mb PC2100 * at 282mhz
    ---XFX GF4 ti4200 @310mhz core/594 mem 64mb
    ----Intellisample set to middle, Quality
    -----Fresh install of drivers
    ------all tests using DX9.0 unless otherwise noted

    3DMark01se 1024 x 768 - default :

    NO AA or AF (best performance in Direct 3D settings)
    Det-42.92: 10,769 ||||||||
    Det-43.00: 10,814 ||||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.30: 10,810 ||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.45: 10,791 |||||||||||||||

    2x AA and 8x AF (best Image Quality in Direct 3D settings)
    Det-42.92: 6,643 ||||||||||||||
    Det-43.00: 6,649 ||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.30: 6,664 |||||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.45: 6,703 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    4x AA and 8x AF (best Image Quality in Direct 3D settings)
    Det-42.92: 4,946 ||||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.00: 4,944 |||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.30: 4,955 ||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.45: 4,959 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    4xS AA and 8x AF (best Image Quality in Direct 3D settings)
    Det-42.92: 3,548 |||||||||||||||||||
    Det-42.30: 3,551 ||||||||||||||||||||
    Det-43.45: 3,581 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    I will be using the 43.30's until something better comes out. Before these I used the 43.00 which were good, and before that I used the 42.82's- these were the best for me until the 43.00's came out. I never tried the 42.90's and I didn't like the 42.86's on my rig- just to choppy in D3D and OpenGL. Don't know why, just the way it is. I am sure every machine is different.

    --Also with these drivers, 43.30, in dxdiag, under files i get this wierd error. But it doesn't seem to effect performance.----> The file directx.cpl is a debug version, which will run slower than the retail version.

    ***update on 42.92- these drivers have the all-to-familiar problem that many of the other drivers Nvidia puts out have- The animation and over all "smoothness" of these drivers is horrible on my system. While playing RTCW single player, they actually "freeze" evrey couple of seconds. I'll be getting a solid 80 to 90 FPS and every couple of seconds I get 0 fps or the whole screen just stops for a half a second. It is constant and makes the game unplayable. They look great otherwise, but who cares, they're one of those drivers that are just jerky and glitchy. (on my system)- Back to the 43.00's for me.

    ***I used the 43.03's for a few weeks, they were better than the 43.30's on my rig- did not get around to posting benchmarks, but it doesn't matter now anyway as the 43.45's are out and VERY good IMHO.

    ****update on 43.45 dets- I like these the best- Smoothest drivers out for my system. AA and AF quality are excellent (AA looks great) and these drivers seem to be faster w/ AA and AF turned on than the others listed. These were the fastest for me in 3dmark 2003 (besides the 42.67,68) by far.
    Another note on 3dmark 03' is that I could see all the smoke on the first game test (air) on all the other drivers I tested I didn't see a LOT of the smoke and fire for some reason.

    In 3dmark2001se and all games I usually notice a wierd color problem w/ the intellisample slider set to performance- these drivers are the first not to show that problem, I still use quality setting for benching and games though. These are good good drivers for my settup- they will stay on unless something changes or another better one comes out.
    --These drivers were tested w/ the new DX9.0a also, the others weren't. That may make some difference
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  11. SoulKlekta

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    GF6600+ PCI-X 256MbDDR
    Has anyone noticed any reduction in colour vibrance with these Dets?,I may just need to fiddle & 'play' a bit but I don't seem able to achieve the same colour vibrance as I had with my previous Dets v.42.82xp.

    Depite running stuff in 32-bit,before anyone asks :p ,it's still not quite what it was.

    I am just looking for clarification thats all,if anyone else has noticed this,although I'm sure someone would have mentioned it by now,then I can stop fiddling and just reach a compromise,if it's just me then I am gonna have to keep making adjustments.
  12. bwx232

    bwx232 Guest

    DV works great on my rig, games look great with these dets too me.

    I did find 2 files after I uninstalled the previous dets with NFR, I'm not sure if they would have been overwritten or made a difference if I didn't catch them before the install of the new 43.45's. just a thought.
  13. SoulKlekta

    SoulKlekta Active Member

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    GF6600+ PCI-X 256MbDDR
    What were the names of the 2 files you found bwx232?
  14. bwx232

    bwx232 Guest

    Sorry, can't remember, just deleted them and went on with the installation, I guess they were just files that didn't get ininstalled. I think one of them was just a language file and I think (not sure) one of then was an nv4.disp or something like that. I just can't be sure though.
  15. blunden

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    ASUS GTX 1080 Ti
    43.45 Is it good on XP or not?

    Does these drivers work well on XP with a MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4400 or not?:cool:

  16. dboniuk

    dboniuk Master Guru

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    MSI GTX980 Gaming 4096MB
    Yes they will work nicely under XP with a GF4Ti4400.

  17. bwx232

    bwx232 Guest

    Re: 43.45 Is it good on XP or not?

    Yes they will, try them out, alot of people like them.
  18. vf

    vf Ancient Guru

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    AMD Radeon™
    nv4_disp.dll and nv4_mini.sys usually are only 2 files left on the system

    NFR always picks first one up with me.

    I think they two are left behind for system stability, as xp will come up with windows file protection message when try to delete them, but they are definately uninstalled, just windows locks them.
  19. MoneyMark

    MoneyMark Guest

    Has anyone experienced random rebooting issues? I am not sure if it has to do with these drivers or not, but I never had this issue until today. I installed the 43.45 drivers yesterday and all of a sudden I have had my computer turn off and on randomly. Check the CPU temp, it's at a steady 52, which should be fine. Here is what I am running:

    Windows 2k
    Geforce Ti200 64mb
    AMD 2000+
    Samsung DDR 2300 512mb
    Gigabyte GA-7VRX

    I can't see any other reason to why this might be happening all of a sudden. Thanks for the help. By the way this is happening when I am at the desktop. Haven't rebooted yet in game, but I also haven't been playing many yet.

  20. darkcitysgt

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    GEFORCE 8800 GTs
    I have tried these drivers but they kick my hitachi flat screen CML174b into standby mode tried reinstall and clearing old det's several times to no solution.Any ideas? And also I tried them with dx 8.1 before going to dx9

    asus a7v333
    athlon xp 2000
    geforce ti 4200 pny
    kingmax pc 2700 512mb
    windows 98
    dirext x 9.0a
    maxtor ata133
    sound blaster audigy
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