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Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by sava700, May 5, 2010.

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    Well as a Mizzou fan you know I'm sweating big time. Big 12 is going belly up and we figured the Big 10 would invite us before or at the same time as NU. Not saying I blame NU or anything like that...just damn this is not a good situation. I don't want to join the Pac 10 because it's too far IMO. I can't really see the SEC giving us an invite so it's Big 10 or bust for us. Delaney knows this of course so he can take his time trying to get ND to join. If the Big 10 goes to 16 then I think Mizzou has a good chance at getting in. If ND stays independent then I think we're F'd. Also for some damn reason in the media they're trying to put this on us like it's our fault which is BS. CU has flirted with the Pac 10 for years so we were trying to protect ourselves. Not only that buf if you've seen Beebe the Big 12 commish you'd see why we want out...dude is a moron.
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    I don't think Texas cares about anyone but Texas. The Fajita Four (those three plus Baylor) have historically been bound together by the Texas state legislature, and that doesn't appear to be happening this time around. There is quite a bit of talk about tAMU to the SEC, Tejas and TT to the PAC 10, and Baylor getting left out in the dark.

    The only reason Mizzou has stated their intent to remain in the Big12 is that after openly allowing themselves to be wooed by the Big Ten, the conference gave them the cold shoulder. Otherwise they be G-O-N-E alongside Nebraska.

    This probably means that there is still more interest from Tejas than people realize (the BigTen truly is the best fit for them, imho), from ND probably, or they're leaving room for some of the other dark horse candidates like Rutgers, Syracuse, Maryland, Pitt and tAMU.

    Colorado honestly didn't have a whole lot to do with anything...that came days after the Pac-10 initially invited the Oklahoma and Texas schools. Texas is the linchpin here. It's all about Texas. Delaney's hand was pretty much forced there, as the BT knew full well that Nebraska would jump at the chance for BT membership and precipitate the Big 12's ultimate dissolution and realignment.

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall of Powers/Dodds and Delaney's offices right now.
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    ND needs to join someone, this crap about them being independent is just stupid! NCAA needs to force them into a conference and get it over with. I'm just kinda tired of some teams getting a bowl game no matter what they do during the season too since bowls mean money on a national scale its time the Govt set to regulate it.

    I can't wait to see more talks about a playoff soon too!
  4. hawkeyefan

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    Ridiculous. Research endowments absolutely dwarf bowl game revenues and the federal government doesn't regulate those either, nor should they.

    ND can do whatever they like. They are a private institution, after all.

    If they do choose to join a conference (eventually), the BigTen is the obvious fit given their shared history and geography. Otherwise, they have every right to remain independent as long as they like, and bowl selection committees can choose whoever they want. Those are also private entities.

    Federal regulation of stuff like this is almost never a good thing. See: Title IX.

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    Texas in the Pac 10 that'd be interesting, Texas in the Rose Bowl doesn't sound right but times change
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    You can't ignore the fact that some schools get screwed over from profits from many bowls just from where and who they are. A Federal oversight needs to be setup to monitor this since monies givin around in these amounts often times dictate how schools run and operate athletics. Nope, its time for a playoff to help control who goes to the national championship game and who doesn't cause we can all look back in the last 5 years and tell which team deserved it based on stats and wins vs those that made it to #1 and #2 to play.

    I understand some people are against a playoff and against some sort of Federal oversight but its needed on both scales no matter how you view it.
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    Thanks for posting, great explanation. I live up the road from University of Delaware & down the road from West Chester University, both very close. I will check 'em out. Maybe it's because I chose I not to go to a University, but I did spend a lot of time on campus *SPAM* the women. :)
  8. hawkeyefan

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    No, it isn't needed. And it won't help.

    That's like arguing that some companies get "screwed over" because others earn a bigger profit by selling a superior product. It's not only retarded, it's a political argument that doesn't have anything at all to do with athletics, but you seem to have really latched on to this idea for some bizarre reason. You are one of the handful of people I've ever seen seriously suggesting that Congress step in and install federal oversight of bowl committees' decisions.

    Fwiw, if you let this whole thing shake out, the BCS will probably be dissolved anyway, as at least one of the primary players (Big12) will cease to exist. Hopefully this gives programs like Utah and Boise the opportunity to reform within stronger conferences, i.e. alongside leftovers of the Big12, which is a fairly natural fit anyway.

    You have this overly idealized notion that somehow, magically, these dumb ****s in D.C. that can't so much as manage a budget or get along across the aisle long enough to pass campaign reform legislation are a magical anathema to all the woes of the poor downtrodden Boise States of the college football world. Think about how insanely stupid that is for a couple seconds. You're asking people who represent their own localized constituencies to agree on a "fair" method for selection an amateur sports national champion, and that it somehow gets installed fairly. Do you really believe the good senators from Florida and Texas are going to allow something like this to happen? C'mon now.

    Btw, Boise got to KEEP all that bowl money. In big conferences like the Big10 and Pac10, it's distributed evenly among the member institutions. I don't know how much more fair it gets than that.

    Athletic departments make money by putting asses in seats for home games, and by putting asses on the couch in front of television sets. The Ohio States and Texases and Floridas of the world are always going to have a HUGE money advantage over schools like Hawaii and Boise and Tulane. That's just the way it goes, and it's no different than any professional sport.

    You do understand that a small fraction of the income from most ADs comes from bowl revenues, right?

    Anyway, I agree in theory with your argument about a playoff, but that doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with federal oversight of the postseason, and it STILL doesn't solve the problem of the have-nots being left out in many scenarios, because you have to ambiguously choose some cutoff point for the number of teams allowed into the playoff, and some combination of polls and computers are still going to determine that, because all conferences are not equal.
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  9. Stukov

    Stukov Guest has no Constitutional authority to oversee college athletics...but of course they don't have the Con.auth to do 90% of what they do so whatever. However, many of the institutions such as Universities are State schools so would fall under State jurisdiction, but I doubt care about anything other than their team winning and bringing in tax money.
  10. itsmikey76

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    Oooh a Texas and Wisconsin Rose Bowl would be awesome Badgers would in all likely hood get an old fashion beatdown but it'd still be a hoot lol

  11. itsmikey76

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    Delaware usually is always competitive in the FCS they even won the national title a few years ago if you get a chance do go to a game I'm sure you'll enjoy it
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    I dunno, The Bucks have been pretty competitive with the Horns, and Wisky reminds me an awful lot of OSU.We have a very similar approach to the game, and at times it can give Texas fits.Also, Colt being gone is good for the rest of the football world :D

    The biggest nail biter on the 2010 schedule for me will be in Madison.

    If anyone here gets the Big10 network, they're running games every Saturday.Saw Iowa vs Michigan this afternoon, and even though it's a re-run, it was nice to see the stinkers up north get beat
  13. itsmikey76

    itsmikey76 Guest

    Good points Pale and I'm really looking forward to that game Saturday nite games in Madison are the best

    Do they show the whole games or do they condense them down? Actually Wisconsin and Purdue are on right now lol
  14. Stukov

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    I watched Iowa beat Arizona from last year earlier on the B10 network, the game to watch was the Iowa vs Michigan State game, that was one hell of a game. The Iowa thwomping PSU was an awesome game to watch as a Iowa fan, but overall it wasn't much to watch, must like the Iowa v GT game.
  15. hawkeyefan

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    Srsly? That was an awesome game. If you like displays of defensive dominance, it doesn't get much better than that.

    Fwiw, Texas is a bit of a paper tiger from the perspective of some BT fans. In the 2006 Alamo Bowl, 6-6 Iowa took 9-3 Tejas into the final seconds of the game, and Iowa completely destroyed them in a Holiday Bowl in the 80s.

    I wouldn't jump to any assumptions about Tejas pounding Wisky. But then again, I wouldn't jump to any assumptions about Wisky earning a Rose Bowl berth, as they haven't earned a share of the title for going on 11 years now. ;)

  16. Stukov

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    Well I loved the game, absolutely defensive, but honestly, it was a pretty much 1 sided game. Most exciting games are ones that are close (like the example of Iowa v MS game), PSU and GT games were rather one sided.
  17. itsmikey76

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    Lol This could be the year they do go back the Badgers return 10 starters on offense and if the defense can improve just a bit (which I'm not betting on) they could run the table

    It's those back to back games at Iowa and then at home against the Bucks that I'm worried about, they win those anything is possible
  18. Stukov

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    The B10 is really a 3 way race right now between Iowa, OSU, and's hard to tell who is going to come out on top because anything could happen on any given Saturday.

    If all the teams were the same exact as last year, I would think Iowa would come out on top, simply because they have the easier schedule this year. (More major games at home), where last year they had the toughest.
  19. hawkeyefan

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    Hey, Wisky has done as well as anyone against the Bucks over the last decade, so the Badgers might sneak by them but damn tOSU looks good this year. Bastards.

    Iowa is another story - we've got your number and with the game at home...I dunno. I'd guess Wisky probably loses that one but makes it out of the rest of the schedule unscathed. Nice, softer schedule so good opportunity at a run for the title for sure.

    OSU's schedule is pretty tough. @Iowa, @Wisky, Miami and PSU at home. Easily could be a couple potential losses in there just in conference.

    Iowa's looks pretty good, I agree. PSU, Wisky, OSU all @ home with a softer road schedule apart from the game @ Arizona which I don't feel good about.

    I hope we both beat tOSU @ home and then Iowa beats you jerks for the outright title. ;)
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  20. Stukov

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    Iowa certainly had an opportunity to go undefeated last year, and in my opinion probably would have if Stanzi would not have gotten hurt. But he did, so it doesn't matter. The biggest hurdle Iowa had was to overcome the "Big 10 sucks" that the talking heads kept saying all the time, and the fact Iowa wasn't OSU, Texas, Florida, Alabama, or any other school that with the same record would have been heralded as the biggest thing since sliced bread.

    Rarely do we see a team anymore that is actually evaluated on the merits of it's ability to win (or lose), it is really sad to see.

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