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  1. Pill Monster

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    7B is inaccessible boot device. Sounds like it uninstalled your SATA controller drivers.
  2. Espionage724

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    Hmm, so why is it that some people managed to use this tool just fine, others having OS-related issues, and a few (myself included) just not even able to boot again?

    Are the people that are able to at least boot again after using this tool using AHCI and/or have AMD's SATA drivers installed prior to running the tool?
  3. Pill Monster

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    Well Intel chipsets use Intel drivers, AMD chipsets use AMD drivers. Maybe the app removes all AMD drivers it finds....

    Most likely using MS drivers installed with windows.
  4. popeye

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    Yes, I have Intel based chipset meaning an Intel SATA driver, not AMD. Seems it does hose AMD based SATA drivers for many. Could try setting to IDE in BIOS for recovery and also safe mode.
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  5. Someguy316

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    Hmm, I didn't bother checking the refresh rate with the default Windows drivers but I have checked the supported refresh rate options under the advanced settings; it's set to hide unsupported modes but also set to 60Hz. I'm not using a TV which I know can get limited to 59.94Hz when using an HDMI cable. Strangely enough, Battlefield 3 limits me to 59.94Hz even though it's connected with a DVI cable.

    Edit: This didn't happen in Windows 7, the issue only appeared as soon as I upgraded to Windows 8 (clean install.) Oh, well; not the issue at hand here.

    Update: I just tried uninstalling the AMD drivers, then installing my Intel HD drivers. Was having issues even getting them recognized and my refresh rate was listed as 64Hz with them. Tried using the Windows update AMD drivers too but no fix for the refresh rate issue.
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  6. kn00tcn

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    er no, there's a difference between 'here's a tool to make a super clean install' & 'we'll keep your AA/profile settings for you on your next update'

    if the traces arent harming anyone or get overwritten with the new driver, there is no problem

    if there is some problem due to the traces, well then you can start doing deeper cleaning
  7. spanket

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    FFS any way to restore the damage this utility does?
    i had exact same problems as OP so i reinstalled windows because i dont use system restore. now it happened again should have known it would be caused by AMD :bang::bang::bang:
  8. quentin2360

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    I have same problems after using AMD uninstaller. Restoring system doesn't work (error) and I have so many bug with explorer/UAC/power supply.

    I don't want to reinstall Windows8.

    Please, someone can help me, what are solution to resolve this problem ????
  9. Ghosty

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    Don't use it if you have Windows 8.

    "This standalone uninstallation utility will clean your system of any existing AMD Catalyst™ drivers to prepare your PC for the clean installation of a new driver version. Currently supports Windows 7 at this time".
  10. quentin2360

    quentin2360 Guest

    Problem solved !!!!!

    Turn off the UAC trough registry :)

  11. trocio2

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    What's the difference between atiman and this?
  12. windrunnerxj

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    I dunno, just used this utility and I don't see any problems. The only downside is that it has no user-interface and I couldn't find any logs of what files/registry entries it deleted. View Report is not enough.
    Windows 7 x32.
    Maybe because it's ONLY for Windows 7 atm.
  13. Me, My motherboard drivers have AMD USB3 drivers and Other AMD related motherboard drivers also, Using this app removed not just the display drivers but also my motherboard drivers.

    Back to DriverSweeper for me.
  14. flow

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    Is by any chance your monitor registered twice in your registry? This doesn't happen in win7 but did happen in winxp, causing the drivers to choose the previous monitor driver install, and made my monitor choose the wrong frequencies. I used to get 59Hz, but nowadays it's 60 as it should.
    Also some games couldn't display certain resolutions due to this .
  15. hamix

    hamix Guest

    Any word from AMD on this?

    I posted on the AMD Game forums this morning, hoping to get some ideas on a way to fix these issues without completely re-installing the OS? Anyone have any luck repairing after using the tool?

  16. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    I sometimes had around 4 duplicates of my single monitor in Device Manger. I suggest showing hidden devices, and checking for all the disconnected monitors (that you don't need of course) and uninstalling them.
  17. Someguy316

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    I didn't bother checking this after I reformatted to Windows 7 but I will try it now as I reinstalled Windows 8 again (clean install) and that issue was still there. It found two monitors that aren't connected or so.
  18. sekta

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    Don't spread bull****. You install the latest CAP no matter what.
  19. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest're the one spreading bullshlt. And replying to a 5 month old post. :stewpid:

    Newsflash: updated CAPS are included with the drivers, standalone CAP's are only released/required if there is a new profile added between driver sets, as in the example below.

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  20. Watcher

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    AMD Clean Uninstall Utility updated to V1.5.6.0

    Just for everyone's knowledge: AMD Clean Uninstall Utility has been updated to version

    I haven't tried it and I use DDU to do my cleaning, but if you are in the the mood to try this out, let us know how it works.

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