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  1. trocio2

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    See? Cleaning the system from driver remains is not really necessary. If your OS works fine, don't touch it. Some people have completely overkill systems and they want more stability/performance. I don't think messing around with driver installations can eliminate weird artifacts caused by an unpolished driver. AMD is working on it.
  2. jdwohlever

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    **** DO NOT USE THIS CRAP ***
    I had to reformat my PC after using this "tool".
    I was getting a BSOD hard stop and nothing would fix it (I even tried restoring to a previous restore point with no luck.
  3. hulawafu77

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    I can confirm that this uninstaller will also remove power settings on Windows 8 on mobile. Terrible.
  4. campcreekdude

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    Radeon 7970 crossfire
    I read that the "official" uninstall utility actually may uninstall other AMD drivers than just for AMD display.

    This is after i downloaded it and double clicked on it. It warned me so i decided to not go through with it because i have AMD USB filter and AMD Chipset drivers. Whenever I accidently uninstall AMD USB Filter my keyboard functions die and mouse.

    Re-installation of this junk required skill...

    Its horrid having to install Chipset drivers over....

    BUT on the otherhand... is anyone doing it with an AMD Chipset?

  5. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    So, decided to try this finally in Windows 8. In short, I wasn't able to boot my OS again...

    During the uninstallation process, the utility also got rid of my SATA drivers. Windows 8 (being awesome and all) apparently doesn't know how to reinstall the standard drivers, and BSoD'd on the boot logo with something similar to "failed to find boot device".

    Had a similar issue in the past when I removed the SATA drivers in 8 before. Works fine in Windows 7 though (the removal of SATA driver; haven't tried this app yet).
  6. hulawafu77

    hulawafu77 Guest

    You couldn't boot into the boot manager and use the system recovery?
  7. xtremegamer

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    Try System Restore, do one thing Change AHCI/IDE mode to IDE in bios save and restart Windows 8 will bring the System Restore Mode it will work and then change it to AHCI Mode...... Ur SATA drivers willl be restored.... The best is to re-install the OS bcoz tat Utility deletes some system files..
  8. Sailindawg

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    Running Win7 64 bit, the utility ran fine with no problems. I made an image of my OS before running program. Rebooted several times, then installed 13.1 drivers with absolutely no issues. Best driver removal / new driver install to date.

    Win 8 seems buggered, but probably give it time. Not sure why most did not create a system image before running the utility, unless win 8 doesn't have the ability like Win 7. CCC fired up no problems.

    Good tool for Win 7 64 bit. Glad to see AMD step up and provide a better solution for driver removal. Not sure I would this for an AMD system until is more mature. Great for an Intel based system. However, the app tells you upfront, it may remove all AMD related drivers. Needs a better GUI with user selection for desired component removal. Add those items and you will have a great utility.
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  9. Kinfa

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    XFX RX580 8GB
    Did anyone with Windows 8 read this on AMD site?

    This standalone uninstallation utility will clean your system of any existing AMD Catalyst™ drivers to prepare your PC for the clean installation of a new driver version. Currently supports Windows 7.
  10. Derko1

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    Obviously this was added after the fact. When we all started complaining that it was causing huge problems...

    Welcome to 7 days ago. :bang:

  11. Someguy316

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    I actually do not remember seeing that when the utility's page was added; probably faster for me to reformat than wait for an official answer anyways.
  12. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    Reading? Pft.

    But I don't recall seeing that before lol...
  13. Sagus

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    No issues here. Windows 7 x64.

    Procedure I followed: express-uninstalled previous drivers and uninstalled CAP > reboot > ran AMD Uninstallation Utility > reboot > installed new drivers > reboot > installed latest CAP > reboot. Done.
  14. NiColaoS

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    Thanks for the warnings. There's not a chance to use this garbage.

    AMD devs... Incompetence in full extent. And we expect good quality drivers by them. They can't even get right the CCC. Bloody hell.

    You want to support them, but at the end of the day, I just can't help it anymore. It's simply unbelievable.
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  15. bonob

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    when i update my gpu i just uninstall with ccc basic uninstaller and when i update driver i just run the installer without removing old driver and i never had a single problem (BSOD, freezing, installation error). I really don't understand why people are so obsessed to remove driver and every AMD file/folder every time there a new one out, it's the best way to create error in the system.

  16. Someguy316

    Someguy316 Guest

    I'm currently having an issue in Windows 8 where I can't set my monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz when I'm using 1920x1080 fullscreen. I've tried to get support from AMD, ASUS (monitor manufacturer), and Sapphire (gpu vendor) with no success; AMD recommended I uninstall the drivers using the Catalyst Installation Manager and if that doesn't work, Driver Sweeper. I tried using those first but no fix, then atiman uninstaller (newest version), and now this which ironically did what atiman used to do on ati chipset drivers before. I know there's no need to use a complete file removal utility, I usually just use the Catalyst Install Manager express uninstall option nowadays but being unable to use 60Hz and no way to know what's causing it is pretty annoying; it worked fine in Win 7 x64.
  17. beta-sama

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    CAP is not needed with this driver...
  18. bonob

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    when you uninstall the driver and restarting with the windows default driver did you see the monitor refresh rate you want ? right click on the desktop go into change res then into advanced settings>monitor and check refresh rate supported, search for a driver for your screen too if you are using a LCD tv is it working at 1080p or 1080i?
  19. popeye

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    Finally gave it a try on my Intel chipset based 7 64-bit laptop before installing leshcat 13.1 v2.1 drivers. Worked fine.
  20. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    Hmm, tried this tool in Windows 7, and also had the repeated BSoDs on boot. Perhaps it might not be related to SATA drivers, but I'm not entirely sure. In any case, looks like I won't be trying this tool again... (I really don't need it anyway, was doing just fine with manual deletion and CCleaner anyway)

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