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Octopath Traveler

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by SerotoNiN, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. SerotoNiN

    SerotoNiN Ancient Guru

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    EVGA RTX 2080
    ....&*^%ing Square. $59.99 for this?! Really interested in this one. Planned on purchasing, but....the Switch version is $49.99. What am I missing? Why would they do this? Now they'll blame piracy for it and hold other ports (FF 7 Remake)? This is pure greed. Can anyone justify this price? Does it have some sort of DLC included or anything?

  2. cerebus23

    cerebus23 Ancient Guru

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    evga 8800gts
    eh i dunno it looks like a meh game anyway. just wait for a sale.

    and ff7 is going to be episodic or sold in chunks, so if they hold it back for console maybe better odds pc has a few episodes under the belt after the milk those ps sales.

    i got more games than i can play and been playing minecraft/stalker soc :p games i have played tons. go figure, and i still got kawami 1 and 2 to play not touched either, and i not played much of valkyria chronicles mostly playing it reminded me of all the things i hated about that series and why i never finished any of them despite the rave reviews.

    they bring ff7 then they got my attention.

    oh and that star ocean troll well played SE? getting me all excited about maybe a new star ocean game, something i suggested in a SE poll was more space games in the mass effect or start ocean mold. and its a mobile game....gg.
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  3. scatman839

    scatman839 Ancient Guru

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    1080, KD55XD800
    It's a very meh game with a practically non existent plot, grindy game mechanics and repetitive chapter design.
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  4. Amaze

    Amaze Ancient Guru

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    1070ti 2114/4375
    Wait for Tuesday's sale and see if it's worth it then.

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