OC system OCCT test failed @ 29mins error on core 0

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    hey guys,

    Trying to get my chip past 4ghz and tonight was the most successful so far and by far. Almost half an hour on full load @ 3.8ghz (34% OC).

    Current set up is:

    Vcore @ 1.38
    CPU Term. @ 1.38
    PPL @ 1.59
    REF @ .899
    MCH Core @ 1.4
    MCH Ref @ .874
    MCH Dram ref @ .850
    ICH I/O @ 1.570
    ICH Core @ 1.2
    Dram Volt @ 1.74 (stock is 1.5v for my ram)

    Temps are holding real steady at 72c full load. What would you say is causing the fail on core 0??

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Firstly why is your ram pushing 1.75v - are you trying to fry it? Reduce voltage back to stock settings.

    Raise CPU vcore I guess and keep testing. I'm not sure what temps a C2Q can handle but 72c might make it unstable....
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