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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Guru3D News, Feb 12, 2008.

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    NZXT released their first SSF chassis under the name Rogue. Quite an interesting name as is has several meanings in biology however Rogue equals a usually inferior organism esp. a plant varying markedly...

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    Ahh... before upgrading my rig, I was considering going SFF with this specific case. Decided the door was the superior deal-breaker (I HATE case doors. Nothing worse than a door :p)
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    Guys i have a stupid question...Can i fit my rig from signature in this case?
    The mb is not mATX but i read that the case is bigger than normal..Maybe i have a chance :S..This are the measurements for my mb from Dfi site

    # ATX form factor
    # 24.4cm (9.6") x 30.5cm (12")

    mATX form factor
    9.61 in (L) x 8.2 in(W) Micro-ATX Form Factor

    I am thinking to buying that and trying to fit it in there..Maybe Guru3d news can tell me if there is space to fit my atx mainboard.Maybe i can take care of the nuts by modifying it..Take the bolts threads (i don't know how i can call them but i am talking about the things where the bolts screw up to catch the mainboard.. the cooper looking vertical things that tight up the mainboard to the tray).The last pic on the bottom from here:

    Please advice
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    Judging from the number of expansion slots from the pictures, I would say no. It seems designed for mATX only.

    On another note, I myself have been thinking of building a mATX LAN gaming PC, using Thermaltake's mini case, but I was in Microcenter this past weekend, where they had one (the steel black version), but it seemed bigger than I thought, and it was heavy. It is a clearance item selling for a fair bit less than online--since it is discontinued, which would have made it a decent ****** The aluminum version I understand is much lighter. However, I just may go with a smaller lighter ATX case for that rig (not the one listed in my specs.)

    Too bad NZXT didn't include a handle, which I would think is a must for this kind of PC.

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