NZXT Launches CRFT 11 H510i Rivals

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 4, 2022.

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    NZXT's H510i case is based on the rivalry between Deku and Bakugo. This is the second My Hero Academia entry into NZXT's CRFT lineup. 80% of the population is granted superpowers, better known as &...

    NZXT Launches CRFT 11 H510i Rivals
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    I have questions.

    1. As an American female of thirty-one years, should I know who Deku and Bakugo are? Should I be concerned that I don't?

    2. In the second photo, what is the point of having an image on what I presume to be the interior surface of the right side panel, if every possible form-factor of motherboard will render it unviewable after installation?

    3. Is it likely that NZXT has a four square-kilometer warehouse simply brimming with H510i cases, and is just flailing away trying to unload them through any means possible?

    Maybe punch a pair of 14cm holes in the front panel instead of the paint and artwork? That might move some inventory...
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    Just what I thought too, they probably give them paint jobs for the kids because they can't sell their H510's, making them all flashy might sell, or not.
    Despite what some claim, the H510i is to airflow restricted, holes in the front certainly helps to some extend, they could also just have converted them all to be H510 Flow alike with mesh at the front and top and at least added one more fan mount position at the top of the case.
    Funny that NZXT didn't turn the H440 into a bigger H540 flow instead of messing around with the badly designed H5xx's they got now, I had an H440 in the past, added a big 3x120 grill at the front and improved air outtake at the top, the H440 has 3x120 at top.
    With that said, their choices pretty much reflect their work culture, their Twitter pretty much shows it all.
    Got some open tickets for their CAM software for at least a year now, since it doesn't read GPU load with HAGS enabled and does not apply GPU settings on the overclock page when CAM started up after boot, doubt that they ever fix these issues.
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    what 7 year old has 250 for a case

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