NVstraped Quadro works with 40.41s

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by hklm, Aug 30, 2002.

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    SoftQuadro'd with the 40.41 sucessfuly once!

    UPDATE: After trying to do it a 2nd time after I performed a system restore (because of a uninstall of a program took out much more then it was susposed to and a reinstall could not fix) I was back to using Detonator 30.30. SO I tried the upgrade again and after rebooting, no luck. It seemed like a good thoery, but now I dont know... But I do know it CAN be done with out hacking any code....

    Original MSG:
    I have done it! Using NVstrap driver to convert my Geforce2 into a Quadro2 MXR/EX and using the NVIDIA 40.41 detonators! I was using the 30.30's + NVstrap and I did try to use the official 30.82, but it did not workout. Windows listed the card as Quadro, but in the addtional display properties it was still showing a the GeForce2 controls. So I went back to the 30.30.

    Now after trying it again this time with the 40.41, but uninstalling the old ver 30.30, rebooting, then installing the new 40.41 and rebooting again. That method wont work. But what did work for me was not uninstalling the old version, but just leaving it alone and just install over them. But this may be the reason why it worked once: I was capturing the install, by using Wise for Windows Installer Pro Edition's Program Watcher. Wise says to let the installing program reboot the system and it will recover and finish up on its own. That may be why it did work...

    I took a screenshot of the 1st attempt and you can see it shows the GeForce2 controls but if you notice on the title bar for that window it says the beginning of "NVIDIA Quadro":


    Now the next one is my current setup, a working SoftQuadro using 40.41 detonators:
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    it doesn't seem to work with an nvstrapped geforce3/dcc :(
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    using nvstrap or softquadro script?

    i have tried with nvstrap but it doesn't work

    how do you make this result?

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    Absolutely unreal. You can allow OS to detect Quadro, but you CANNOT use NVStrap to unlock professional features with 30.82+ coz they are protected against it.

  5. hklm

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    While that is true, it looks like they did not do a good job trying to protect it. I have unlocked mine, but with the current NVStrap and the 40.41's I am having a hard time, trying to find a way to consistantly reproduce, what I have done. So far it just seems to work sometimes and sometimes not. What I mean is, boot up the system and it will show a GeForce chipset using Quadro drivers. Then on the next time you boot up, it shows a Quadro chipset using Quadro drivers. Then the next time, it might be GeForce or maybe Quadro, seems random... And if it does show a Quadro chipset: becareful, because of the system could become unstable at anytime.

    My reason for posting this thread is to share and prove that it can be done. I just hope that my information will be helpful. Where there is a will, there is a way! :D
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    XFX 6600GT 128 MB
    There's something you're not getting here however.

    As Alex said, even though the OS is detecting the card as a Quadro card etc... like you said, it does not however mean that the professional features are unlocked, since they are locked in the driver's code.

    Can you actually run some benchmarks to verify that you did indeed get the pro features with the 40.41 drivers and post the results here?

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