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NVM it's fixed now...

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by dchalf10, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. dchalf10

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    GTX670 1293/6800

    Ok just after typing this message for some reason D3D opened 10 minutes after I had executed it... no idea why but it's working now


    I have the program which I execute, it's running the the processes tab but it doesn't show.

    I have the icon set to always show in the system tray and the icon also will not show. I ran it as administrator...still it will not show. I also tried running it in compatibility mode...still won't show.

    I installed win7 a few days ago and copied the D3D folder from by backup drive from when it was on vista. In case the program created a registry entry or config file when first ran ( on vista ) I re-downloaded it to see if it would work when started fresh on the new OS, but it still didn't fix it.

    It's clearly active but I can't see the window to even change the settings.

    Can I change the on/off from a config file for the settings etc?

    This program is the only way to get Farcry 2 to work with vsync on and triple buffering...all other methods fail for some reason.
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