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  1. On my card, I have s-video out going to an rf converter, then to tv coaxial. My problem is that when i watch something in PowerDVD in fullscreen mode on my tv display, the picture looks garbled. when windowed, the picture looks fine. I changed the screen size and position and put the flicker filter to the max, but it still looks bad fullscreen. Almost like a bad deinterlacing or something. I have the newest drivers, also. How could I fix this?
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    I have the same problem
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    Fuzzy Full Screen


    Cmon Gurus, this has been a problem for some time now and has been poppin up all over the forums. I've managed to fix this problem using TV-TOOL....BUT it is not registered and TV Tuner shuts off in 20 mins. VERY ANNOYING. I am not about to pay for something I shouldn't have to. I BOUGHT the video card, and the S-video cable. Don't tell me I need to pay for a program just to use the TV-out feature. That is just plain rediculous. Someone please help.

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    What has worked for me is to go into the advanced tab of your display properties. After that select your gf card tab. In overlay controls change the full screen overlay to auto-detect. With this any movie you play on your monitor automatically is shown in full screen on the tv. Works perfectly for me.


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    thanks soooo much heretogethelp, I started playing with the overlay controls and it works!!!

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