NVIDIA Shield Android TV to Get Fully Functional GeForce Now Service

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 11, 2018.

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    I like the idea of streaming gaming...

    Last time I tried it there was noticeable lag; not something I'd like to use for competitive gaming, but ok for casual. Has anyone tried the latest iteration?

    Imagine a day when you never have to upgrade your hardware...

    I don't think the hardware manufacturers or the hardware retailers will like it that much.
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    Yep, imagine it having sub 5 ms lag and delivering 120~240 fps for your G/Freesync screen.
    Lol, not gonna happen. We'll keep gaming on local metal for long time.
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    Local metal... I like that wording :D

    To me building a PC and toying with it's various settings is half the fun of being a PC gamer. I hope they don't take that away, I might lose most of my interest to game tbh (like I have never felt that close to my N64 / PS2 / PS3).
    Imagine if that'd happen, I'd see more sunlight! And I'm allergic to that!
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  5. Ricepudding

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    Sounds lovely, but even though most of these services are far better than they used to be. the average consumers internet is often quite bad, and most of these data centres are never that close.

    Curious to know if 5ms is possible, i mean you have to send a signal to your isp to then go to the data centre to then go back to your isp then back to you, not to mention the other bits of lag due to other bits of hardware in the chain.
  6. illrigger

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    Depends a lot on your ISP and connection speed, but even under the best of circumstances there are still issues. I've been using the PC beta and have gig fiber, pretty much the best there is in the US right now (consistent 2-3ms in speedtest.net). Lag is not really that big of an issue, although I would not be trying to play competitively even if that's the case. Stuff like Fortnite has been perfectly fine, though. The microstutter is obvious, though, and it would probably bug the crap out of some people.

    Still, for single player stuff under ideal conditions, it's a pretty awesome thing. A high-end virtual PC that runs the games you already own from Steam and UPlay at ultra or near-ultra settings, that you can use on any decent computer with a decent internet connection no matter where you are? That's some game changing stuff.

    Just FYI, though, it currently caps at 1080p/60, so it's not quite PC Master Race quality. Once the Shield has it, I will be able to test if HDR works, but I doubt it - it only works with local streaming on a couple title, so likely not at all on this setup. The upside of that, though, is that most games on a 1080ti rarely drop below 60fps at 1080p, so speeds should be consistent.
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