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    Thanks for your work, Nvidia Inspector is such an awesome tool -- it boggles my mind that enabling "Half-Refresh V-Sync" via the driver can't be done in the standard control panel without it also being the "adaptive" type -- don't get me wrong, on paper I like Adaptive v-sync as much as the next guy, but the issue is the adaptive v-sync type doesn't work in conjunction with the low lag v-sync trick in my tests/you get tearing constantly and have to cap to something closer to refresh rate/2 + 1 to avoid tearing.

    Nvidia Inspector --> Half-Refresh V-Sync + something like an RTSS cap to the monitor refresh/2 - 0.01 (and maybe the ULLM mode -- not sure if it has any effect when reaching your fps limit though) has produced pretty solid results with a controller all things considered (I say with a controller since input isn't 1:1 like a mouse and I don't notice the latency quite as much personally). Anyway, all that to say I just wish Nvidia would add standard half-refresh rate v-sync to their panel.

    RTSS scanline sync is also terrific, but on some of my older systems (my laptop for example), I don't have the overhead to consistently prevent tearing that way as the tear moves around quite a bit and all, but an awesome tool there nontheless. Had great results with it in DOOM 2016 to my recollection.
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    Hello, thank you for your work.

    First I'd like to inform you that "NVIDIA predefined profiles CAN be restored". When you remove a profile, it writes to one of the two files: nvdrsdb0.bin or nvdrsdb1.bin (looks like half of the profiles are linked to the first file and another half - to the second one). Those files can be found in the \ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs folder. But those predefined profiles are not stored in those two files and if you remove them - all predefined profiles will be restored. You might try it yourself.

    Second - there's a reason for me to try and remove all preinstalled nvidia profiles for all applications. The problem is that with your program I can only remove 1 profile at a time and after each time it jumps to the default profile so I need to press "Down" everytime, plus after I confirmed the remove it shows another window saying it's removed which I do not want to see. So please tell me how to remove several profiles at a time or even all of them without pressing all those redundant buttons?
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    Export nvidia format
    blank everything except base profile.
    import nvidia format.
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