nVidia Inspector doesn't work on overwatch

Discussion in 'General Software and Applications' started by Sk1mav, Aug 16, 2018.

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    Hello guys,
    Not long ago I found out that i could use nvidia inspector on overwatch, by trying to custom LOD Bias to extra-low.
    First time it worked, I've lauched overwatch and got a lot of fps on my laptop as it was intended.
    After playing, I've closed overwatch (without changing any inspector's settings).
    Now overwatch launches and ignores nvidia inspector's settings (launches with normal quality textures and particles).
    I've tried a tonn of ways to fix this (reinstalling the GPU drivers,reinstalling overwatch,copying profile in inspector and updating the version of inspector). Nothing helped.
    Maybe some of you had the same problem? I would be glad to get any help! Thanks :D

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