Nvidia GX2 sweet but not so sweet

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    Ok, everytime a x950 card is out(such as the FX5950), it only means the next series is around the corner. Like the 5950 the 7950 will be shipped on tomorrows memory clockspeed (or close to) that's pretty much about it. It will indeed have the Series 8 layout, with the whole "dual gpu" thing and "Quad SLI" support. Personally...I think its a sweet idea. The hitch? well this card claims it's Vista ready, but you and I know that Vista is supposedly sporting DX10, or at least not too long after it's launch it will. So, those of you thinking, "oh sweet two cards in one! only 600-650 bucks! this will last me a long time!" wrong...because you know as soon as you get this card series 8 is out with a similar format but sporting shader model 4.0 and thus, DX10 support. Shader 3.0 is on it's last legs and you'll just have to buy the same card again in probably 4 months(but with more pixel pipelines and DX10 support).

    So I say to Nvidia "sweet idea guys, you guys rule and I can't wait to own one of these someday but for now, for the short while we have I'll just opt to sport a good nice DX9 512mb card until you guys are ready to release your 4.0's."

    I know..."such is the industry", it moves fast for sure but my recommendation is "if you can pick up on market patterns" this card is an even shorter phase than most, though attractive just like the 5950 was back in the day, and just like the 5950 it is also(without doubt) the last of it's shader model. So if you're currently sporting two SLI 6 or 7 series cards, nothing magical is going to happen with this setup, that is, until you're able to do this with new shader models and a quad SLI support.

    This post of course, was not to inspire flame but to shed some light to the subject. I myself was going to order it first thing tomorrow but then decided "you know, the last time I owned the 5950 I was super proud for only a 3 months and then, that third month brought horrid news of a new shader model and a series 6 was soon to be upon us and would smoke series 5like a blunt with dirt weed in it(unlike the series 7 vs series 6) which are basically the same cards but with the difference that series 7 contained more pixel pipelines thus, was able to run HDR a lot better but still, both supported HDR and were one of the same.
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    I totally agree.. I think that my plain 6800 is definitly sufficient. But, when the 8 series comes out, and the mid range of the series comes out, UPGRADE TIME! wonder how the 8600's will perform (if thats what their called) I'm sure great though. I wouldnt waste my money unless your like a millionaire or something, it's just a waste of $600-$700. I'm all excited about the 8 series, hope it was as successful as the 6 series without it nVidia would have been dead from the 5 series.
    I can't wait, DX10 and probably a SH%T load of pixel pipelines ( or unified shaders I think they call them now, the vertex and pixel shading is done through one pipe I beleive, they can do either)

    I'm guessing the 8600 will have 20 pipes ( both of them, unified like I said above) and be maybe 128 bit, but I'd be excited if it was 256 :p and a core clock of 500 for 128 bit, and 400 for 256 bit, and a memory clock of 1500 for 128 bit, and 1200 for 256 bit, But i'm guessing 100% and we'll have to see :)
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