NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go 32M

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    Can anyone assist me please? I have to above card in my Gateway M500 series laptop. I have recently purchased Lineage II and wish to play. I have no problems with this computer playing World of Warcraft or DAoC but cannot play the latest edit of Everquest. Lineage II loaded without difficulty but when I try to play I only get a black screen and a message about needing to upgrade my drivers before I can play. The properties screen of my laptop states I have a NVIDIA driver dated 11/8/2002 Ver Bios version but driver ver info lists nv4_disp.dll v6.13.10.3220. When I try to update thru NVIDIA it says I have the latest drivers. When I go to Guru3D there are so many to choose from I dont know the correct name for the exact version I need to update to or if there is one availabe. Can someone tell me if there is and if so the exact name so I can easily id it? I would really appreciate your help! Thanks :)
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    The best selection of drivers for mobile gpus is over at **************. I suggest 71.89 or 76.10 (more recent versios may be buggy on your graphics card).
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    I Thank You! I will give this a try later after work! :)
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    why was removed the link?, what page was it?

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    I dont know...every time I try the link I come to a page where it says link not found. I never got to test the driver to see if it would work for me :(

    If someone could repost that would be great! Thanks for your help!

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