NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI SUPER is not going to happen soon (if at all)

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. kieron fleming

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    It will happen its just nvidia's way of getting people to pull the trigger early and buy the 2080 super instead of waiting for the 2080 ti super and because we all want the best we will buy the 2080 super then sell the 2080 super and buy the 2080 ti super when its released they've pulling that tricks for years now.
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  2. spine

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    If the RTX Titan weren't priced so high, I could see them making a Star Wars Edition Titan with faster memory or something for Christmas. But I highly doubt it. The 2080tis aren't exactly flying off the selves anymore as far as I'm aware, and super edition would only antagonise that.
  3. Margalus

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    What $500 1080ti? The cheapest 1080ti available is still $900, most going for over $1000... While the lowly 2070 super beats it in most games for less than half the price...
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  4. FranciscoCL

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    Same here, at least for this year.
    Next year I want a 2160@120Hz 65" QLED with HDMI 2.1 VRR and a GPU capable of powering it, AMD or nVidia.

  5. fantaskarsef

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    And imagine 2080TI Super buyers when 6 months later the 3080TI is announced... many of those will be butthurt just the same.
    I too was confused by first, their long period of releases between Pascal and Turing, and second, releasing the 2080TI right along with the rest of the lineup. So for now I'm not sure what they'll do, but I still see only 3080TI as any valid upgrade for me, running a 2080TI right now.
  6. MonstroMart

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    At launch it really felt that way. I have an overclocked 1070 and at launch the card that felt like the proper upgrade for me was the 2080. It did not feel that way when i upgraded my 970 to a 1070. The 1070 was comfortably beating the 970 by a significant margin in most of the games at 1080p and even more at 2k (twice as much in some games from what i can remember at 2k). The stock 2070 was comfortably beating the 1070 in most games but in some games at 2k the difference was not that big. Also the difference between the 2070 and a Vega 56 was even lower and i was already kind of pissed off by my choice to go with a 1070 (a card that did not age well at all) instead of a 1080 or a Vega card. I mean in some games at 2k i could expect 10-15 more fps. Big deal.

    The price of the 2080 was ridiculous and even the price of aftermarket 2070 at launch was ridiculous. I think aftermarket 2070 were over 800$ CAD at launch while the aftermarket 1070 were in the 600$ CAD something range. Super really does feel like the proper version of RTX. But at this point i'm really tempted by the 5700XT. It's sold for only 519$ CAD in canada and would be a nice upgrade over my 1070 often achieving almost twice the result of a 1070 at 2k and selling for less money than i bought my 1070. Waiting to see what will be the price of aftermarket 5700XT. 2070 super are around 700-720$ CAD. If the aftermarket 5700XT are in the 580-600$ CAD range i'll probably buy a 5700XT. RTX is not worth 100$ in its current state.
  7. urbanman2004

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    Those same folks waiting on the 2080 TI Super must also believe in Santa Claus too
  8. kakiharaFRS

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    don't see why they would do it, when you check the 60-70 super benchmarks what's on top ? the existing Ti, they have zero competition

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