Nvidia Geforce GameReady 391.24 Driver Download & Discussion

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    well it works fine here..
    this is how my NVIDIA installer looks after cleaning out the sh'*.. :)

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    Asus RTX 4070 Dual
    Crystal ball makes magic. I know bro ;)
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    EVGA 1070Ti Black
    I been playing alot Skyrim SE again, maybe this time I will actual finish the game ( probably wishfull thinking), But this 1070ti, works like dream everything maxed 60fps no drops or stutters except those cause by the actual engine,

    After all these years of playing skyrim I found how what was causing my random Black loading screens they never finished the loading amd required me force able close the game, apparently every time my HDD its on has one of its Raid resets error which it been doing for 7+ years on now 3 systems, skyrims default behavior is to get black loading screen.. I really should replace the HDD,But i keep putting it off, it not the only game I noticed this in I noticed it happens in SWTOR too but , swtor will finish loading after the reset, Skyrim wont

    This is how i install the last few drivers, this is how my nvidia driver folder will look like before i install from now on, even though i just let windows install it own HD audio drivers for gpu, for me doing things this way just like extracting the drivers to it own folder , installs less extras i dont need then installer does. remove some folder removes even more.
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