Nvidia Geforce Drivers Version WHQL 344.48 Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by Spenty, Oct 22, 2014.

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    Yessss lets get it on
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    Moist 6900 XT
    aww yiss
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    When did this happen :D

    Branch info anyone?

    344.48: r344_32-7
    R344.42 (r343_00-261)
    R344.24 (r343_00-234)
    R344.16 (r343_98-9)

    Although it has a little older CUDA then 344.42

    344.48: 6.5.21
    344.42: 6.5.22
    344.16: 6.5.19
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    As someone once said, "these things take time".
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    I wish nVidia would offer a slim driver version that only has the main driver, audio driver, and PhysX, possibly 3D drivers. Does anyone even use anything other that what I listed?

    EDIT: Actually, the slim version would be about the same size as its the main video driver that is so big and even the best RAR compression won't reduce total size by much. I just tried and the "slim" version I made was 262MB, while the full version was 292MB...
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    When is proper RGB full range support being implemented? This is something that shouldn't have to take any more time and should have been a non-issue years ago.

    Uncheck the one or two things you didn't list there and then install. :p
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    What the ????? Now its raining drivers again? Figures after fighting all night to get 344.42 to install they release a new one the very next day, lol.

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    Dont you just love companies that advertise features then don't release them on time?

    Reminds me of the whole heists situation with GTA 5... lol they STILL arent out
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    I usually just delete everything, except display.driver, hdaudio, nvi2, physx, and setup blah blah. Usually it will install ok, except 344.42 was a b1*ch.

    What are the advantages of installing the us ver. vs. the international ver., anything? They have roughly the same file size. 292mb.

    Thank you OP!

    I also read online this morning about others warning against installing 344.42. People were getting the wrong cpu speed in control panel/system and wrong gpu adapter installed in device manager.
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    I only install the display driver and physx
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    So does DSR work for all games? In geforce experience I only get the option for Diablo 3, not for games like ex crysis 3, borderlands the pre sequel etc...
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    Oh look, a month has passed and still no optimizations for 900 Series!

    I'm still asking myself why did i buy a 970 when i have pretty much the same performance on Final fantasy XIV as i had with my old 570, yeah that upgrade lol.

    I understand these things take time to release new optimizations for new GPUs, but shouldn't a 970 be far superior to a 570 by default? o_O

    Anyway i'll install it and test and then see if it's the same, which most likely is since no optimizations mentioned for any game (except SLI and support for upcoming games) on the release notes, i've only noticed difference in a few games, such as Battlefield 4 (lol) but MMOs all seem the same to me with little to no improvements, Guild Wars 2 still a mess (however this is ANet fault since with every patch the game performance seems worse) and FFXIV can't even play at stable 60FPS with all settings maxed, even disabling Non Visible Distant Objects and the option bellow it (LOD) it's still not able to maintain 60FPS -- which is basically the same i had with my 570, and no it's not a CPU bottleneck lol

    DSR is also a mess in GW2 and FFXIV, it messes with the mouse positioning on the HUD, the higher the res the worse it becomes, like i need to move the mouse outside the button to click it, it doesn't happen with GeDoSaTo nor i need to mess with the DSR Smoothness because there's no need as GeDo image is always normal.

    Anyway i'm gonna test this, but i'm pretty sure nothing will change, if you are wondering why i wrote so much, it's because i know nVIDIA reads these forums and i want people to understand i'm not happy with my upgrade from a perspective of an mainly MMORPG player.

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    No DSR+SLI+G-sync monitor? :)

    It does not work here with Asus Swift :(
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    MMORPG's have always been heavily CPU bound...
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    Something is seriously screwed with my desktop, now this won't install either......WTH!
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  20. Wait, DSR isn't implemented in Fermi 400 series cards? - why not??.

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