NVIDIA GeForce 496.13 WHQL driver download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by valorex, Oct 12, 2021.

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    EVGA RTX 3080 FTW

    This seems familiar...
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    Crap, revert to 472.12
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    Galax RTX 3060ti
    best driver i´ve used in last years so far, boosted my ancient gtx 1080 in every game i´m played
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    2x 4090 FE RTX

    Before we go down this tangent...

    Its a user's decision to use a product, that product may have constraints within it that are part of "the use of the product. So, no, using a MS product nowadays means that you are an open book and privacy does not exist for you. I don't agree with it, but that is the terms of using the product.

    with that said, there are numerous posts in here (several by me) on how to remove telemetry and mitigate a lot of the concerns in your windows OS. Sometimes they are not convenient such as this DCH driver and require extra steps every time one does an update. Also, for privacy, you'll need to use an iteration of MS Server and become knowledgeable on GPO, gpedit.msc, local security policy, registry, services, a well thought out hosts file, and for update use a WSUS, and learn a more "manual" way to have the OS and privacy. Similar to the skillset that one has when one installs and configures a clean Linux distro.

    Beyond the OS privacy, you will have to mitigate other telemetry and tracking in your environment from you internet provider, alexa, wifi fridge, smart tv, camera systems from amazon, google products, cell phones, online social media and the like. When using many of the free products, one does it under the provider terms. When? was the last time you wrote a cheque to google for the services? That's because their business model barters your privacy for the "of shiny" of the service you use for "free".

    Its a life style change that isn't rooted in just the DCH variant of a driver (even in the standard driver, there were multiple steps to shave of the imbedded telemetry).

    Anyhow, if you want to "reduce" the amount of telemetry, there are things you can do.

    But its not all about just this DCH driver. A lot of the folks here in the forum really understand your sentiment, but we have to zoom up and absorb a larger picture.
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    For those that keep asking what's so bad about Windows Store.
    It's not really the store that has ever been the issue, but when it launched, MS was really pushing the MS knows best attitude, and trying to turn the PC into a mobile phone Clone, with their UWP Apps.

    These obfuscated the Exe's of all Windows Store Apps, and even MS exclusive games were going to only be sold on Windows Store, which meant games were UWP Apps, and Exe access was gone completely.

    Early UWP apps had no exe, and PC gamers pretty must universally rejected UWP, and thus Windows Store. The Windows Store games flopped big style, leading to MS being forced to release their games as normal Exe's outside of the store (On Steam only though).

    Windows Phone, the main drive behind the one size fits all crappy UWP (Bland Metro Styled) Apps, also flopped, and ceased to be a factor, the universal rejection of UWP, led to MS rolling back most of it's restrictions, and now many Windows Store Apps, are Exes once more.

    However when Windows Store download is required as was the case for ALL prior Control Panels for Nvidia DCH Drivers, a UWP app can be assumed, as ALL UWP apps are required to come direct from Windows Store.

    The new 496.13 Control Panel is an exe again, and so can be packaged with the installer once again.

    So when you see Windows Store being rejected, it's UWP apps the user is rejecting, because MS established that highly unpopular linkage in the users mind, and now has a very hard time undoing the damage MS caused.

    I can't get the exe to even run, using the system Tray Icon, but I'm aware that's probably on my anti UWP setup, but because its an exe, I can extract it from the installer, using 7-Zip

    Navigate to

    Again use 7-Zip to extract
    Rename the Folder From
    Nvidia Control Panel
    Move it to
    C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\
    Result = A working Control Panel shortcut link
    C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Nvidia Control Panel\nvcplui.exe

    You can set it to start with windows, by adding it to the Registry
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    "Nvidia Control Panel"="\"C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Nvidia Control Panel\\nvcplui.exe\""
    Another consequence of not keeping up with changes, in the 6 years since W10 launched.
    You don't have to, even back when MS was pushing that anti-piracy crap hard, there was always ways to block it, remove all UWP apps, and block any driver, and install another.

    As for Social media, it doesn't need any help from MS, or Intel, to give your data to NSA.
    I don't use ANY Social Media, and don't have any microphones, or cameras connected to my PC.
    Meltdown Spectre?, as with any other malware threat, your only line of defence is not to let any crap onto your PC in the first place, and I find it cute, that you somehow think Windows 7 is magically safer?

    Windows 10 Pro (W7 Ultimate upgraded to pro, if free upgrades still an option, but I've not checked)
    Pro is only really needed, if you're concerned about Privacy
    Pro is required, because it gives you access to the Local Group Policy Editor.
    I've found W10Privacy – Privacy Made Easy much more user friendly (Even for a competent Power User). You can do everything W10Privacy does manually, and most of it's changes are now available via Windows Settings these days, but this is a must have QOL tool for me.
    I also dilike UWP apps, and can remove all (Settings, and Clock Kept) of them with it.

    On top of that, I hated the Task Bar and Start Menu changes, but using Open Shell, and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, I've pretty much returned my PC to almost match the Widows 7 styling I used, with all the advantages of W10, and a few of the downsides as I can put up with.
    Total Online Privacy, has has been said above, is pretty much impossible, even with Linux, so it's always going to be a compromise, between what functionality you want, and how much effort you are willing to expend, to ensure the privacy level you desire.
    Thinking that sticking to an unsupported 12 year old OS like Windows 7, is somehow more secure than a properly configured Windows 10, is just being stubborn, using long outdated facts.

    For Windows 11, I will be using the same six months delayed upgrade schedule as W10, and let others do the beta testing, MS refuses to do themselves.
    Plus I'll Dual Boot to begin with, keeping W10 as my working OS, while I wrangle W11 into shape (or not), as I have done this with every new Windows release.
    XP > Vista (rejected), XP > W7 (Accepted), W7 > W8 (rejected), W7 > W10 (Accepted).
    That sequence doesn't bode well for W11, but as always I'll try it before deciding. I'm a power user, and every Windows change has had good, and bad points. if I can wrangle the bad to my liking, I accept the new release.
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    Nvidia Qadro M400M
    Hi ManuelG it is an Mxm GPU. I have Upgrade this GPU. The BIOS ist an dell BIOS. All older Driver from 3xx.xx was working without Any Problems. Only the newest Driver are not working. Since 47x.x. Thank you for helping.
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    The irony of it all is that MS started to allow any apps including win32 apps on the Store, and now even advertises developers to migrate away from UWP to Windows App SDK.
    Overall migration strategy - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs
    Should add less restrictions for developers, it still has most if not all of UWP available but in selectable parts.
    That aside, there are win32 installers being way more offensive towards the Windows filesystem than UWP apps, especially when it comes to uninstallation.

    Regarding NSA, it can be way more problematic when other hacker groups get their dirty little hands on their tools, some do use those to spread malware, something that happened in the past and still can happen today.
    Which also as you are in on, makes it a pretty bad idea to run an EOL OS connected to the internet.
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    Two things:
    a) If you're so paranoid, why are you even running Windows.
    b) Please PM me your address, so that I can fedex you a new roll of tinfoil. There's clearly a hole poked into your current hat.
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    I would change a) from "why are even running Windows" to "why do you even have a computer or phone?"
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    when its acknowledged by nvidia and its like dozens of every other issues that they can replicate, like i said stop proving your point, maybe your expertise blinds you to the fact that a driver is not allways a great peace o software and it does introduces problems, and Nvidia drivers are not perfect.....

    best regards

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    NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti
    Liking these so far, seem really smooth on my 1070 atleast, keepers for sure.
  12. Loopstc

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    I have an rtx 2080s - when I updated my driver's 2 days ago to this release I started having BSOD constantly/randomly. On sign in, opening almost any program etc. Windows logs had the crashes caused by the NVIDIA kernel, with the bsod showing memory_management and various other stop codes. Rolled back the driver to the previous release and as usual not a single problem.

    Anyone else experience this?
  13. Astyanax

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    display drivers dont cause 1a bsods except in the presence of already faulty memory / bad configuration.
  14. 7 Sequence

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    I encountered the BUG of Snowflakes again in 496.13. This BUG was fixed in 452.06 after I gave feedback to you last year. I have not had this BUG for more than a year.
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    I read a few pages back that the driver has an program getting DLSS data through "geforce experience" if I read that correctly? Would any of you wise men know what that is and as I always cut as much spy/bloatware out of the drivers with NVClean and have never once used that program( account requirement is weird imho) is this having a negative impact on me and those like me with RTX cards? I already never have gotten to try that new sharpener damn it! Anyways anyone who could shed some light on this-much appreciated! This driver also said DLSS 2.3 update for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and I booted it back up and it is still like Side-note is using negative LOD still a thing with DLSS or have the devs finally started using it right? thanks!
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  16. Alberto_It

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    From GeForce forum about this GDR, the open issues are growing up :

    • Doom 3 BFG Edition]: Corruption observed after launching game [3405146]
    • [496.13] Display may show random black screen flicker [3404999]
    • [496.13] Red Dead Redemption 2 may randomly crash during gameplay [3405911]
    • [496.13] WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship/WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship crash on launch [3409320/3409312
  17. lukas_1987_dion

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    A bit unstable drivers for me too, Far Cry 6 crashes sometimes for me, settings are - HD DLC Textures On, 4K, RTX On, all other settings at ultra minus motion blur which is off, FSR off, CAS Sharpening On, latest Windows 10.
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    Update was rolled back, you can access it in Steam via Properties>Betas.
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    RTX on?!
  20. dr_rus

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    Playing the game right now, and haven't seen one crash during gameplay I'd say.
    The game tends to crap itself at launch though prompting for DXSCache cleanup. But that's not a driver issue.

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