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    Did you try this;

    in user.cfg
    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1 or 2
    RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 1
    -dont use Bf3's own fps limiter

    + make a MSI on display BF3.exe profile and set 60fps limit there (this should fix the most fluctuations)
    + in driver Bf3 profile set threaded optimization on or off (test which is better, sometimes it varies from driver to driver - for smoothness)
    + in driver Bf3 profile set 1 or 2 frames to render

    and in nvinspector BF3 profile try that vsync smooth AFR behavior if its not ON by default already.
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    Tj thanks for a really good reply, I was just ranting was not really expecting a reply, much appreciated.

    I always use the same driver and BF3 settings so I am on top of that, I use express driver install as I am not a fan of fiddling around not because of nto wanting to, but because I actually believe Nvidia designed there drivers to be installed that way.

    It's a case of isolating the problem and having always used the same settings it's either something changed when I installed the drivers that I have forgotten about or the drivers themselves.

    Trying 326.80 today.

    The truth is, I'm just tired, so tired of PC's.

    All I want is for a console to be 60FPS and I would never look back.
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    It's confirmed for me these drivers are broken, only tested BF3 though and if a driver can't play BF3 lol it's broken.

    I went back to 314.22 doing a clean install, BF3 was back to normal, which was MINIMAL hitches.

    Then I installed these drivers again with a clean install, and it's a hideous mess, this is all making sure to use the exact same settings. A hideous mess to me is likely barely noticeable to most others due to the way I play, however, it's there, constant minor fluctuations, tbh, Nvidia drivers have not been able to hold a stable VSYNC since the 6 series and all this garbage GPU boost crap.

    Everything these days is just marketing gimmicks and power saving features, the days of buying for raw power and performance (and getting it) are long gone.

    EDIT tried them with Hard Reset and they were rock solid.

    EDIT2 Just tried Hard Reset again and seriously absolutely rock solid performance, 60.0 FPS on Afterburner 100% of the time bar the save points, I know HR is an easy game to run but this is not what I am on about, Performance should be the same stability wise if GPU usage is 25% or 65% to reach 60.0FPS - BF3 FPS is really unstable constantly dipping into the 59.7 etc (often accompanied by a micro stutter)

    What is a micro stutter, to clarify, in my mind, it's a stutter/frame skip lol but one that you could easily miss if not paying attention.

    Now, I am aware there is no 100% it is the drivers, there are an epic amount of variables to consider so if that's the case my apologies to Nvidia for rant post however, it's a little hard to fathom if everything is fine then I install new drivers in standard fashion keeping all the same settings, and it's far more unstable (BF3 is never 100%) then I go back to the old drivers, and it's much better, than back to the new ones again, and it's bad again - I mean, can only draw conclusions from what's slapping me in the face.

    I WILL try more games though.

    Remember, to clearly see what I am seeing, you can't, unless you play like I do...

    Large 60hz HDTV (55" Sony Bravia)
    PC Powerful enough to hold 60FPS
    Framte rate capped to 60
    Controller for extreme smooth motion during movement.
    Good Eyes.

    This extreme situation is just that, extreme/unusual, hence, nobody gives a ****.

    One thing i have learned in all my years is, if your in minority, nobody is gonna give a rats ass, you won't get catered for.


    "Problem? how many people have this problem..."
    "about 0.5%?"
    "*laughs* lol... HAHAHAHA... let's focus on something more important...."

    And the story drags on.
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