Nvidia GeForce 320.14 BETA - Download and Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by Noisiv, May 13, 2013.

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    Thanks for the heads up, I won't be installing these then. News of a new driver quickly turned into disappointment..
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    Naah, don't quit that fast, so far from 3 pages only 2 reported freezes. Same with 320.00 - there were great many reports of freezes - yet they are rock solid to me, much better than any previous whql for half an year back, which I had freezes with, especially 314.12. So your mileage can vary - try and see for yourself.
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  5. If the notes say that 660 gets better performance in xxxx game, that means that atleast all the kepler based cards will get the same benefits. So dont get hung up so much on the release notes, they dont say much in reality, best is to test them and see if you like them!? ;)
  6. sqook

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    no problem driver, gt 525m o.c 720mhz
    performance no problem
    314,320 driver windows uninstall, restart and new driver install no problem :) ( run administrator )
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    Might and Magic Heroes VI crashes to desktop with this driver and 320.00. Hell the game is so buggy that I really can't decide whether it is the game itself or the driver. It was patched to 1.8, so according to ubisoft there shouldn't be any crash.

    By the way do these driver improvements also affect the game performance in Windows Vista i wonder as it has wddm 1.0 while win7 and win 8 have 1.1 and 1.2 respectively?
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    Hmm, just reinstalled these. No issues so far like previously. Maybe my previous issues were something to do with the 314.22's? I'm quite baffled as they currently seem to be running pretty stable on my system.
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    Sorry but I still have to laugh at the irrelevant posts in this thread and there are many of them. There is no change between this beta and the last beta EXCEPT for Metro 2033: Last Night.

    Any changes you are seeing is in your mind...

    Lets take post #59 for example...yes the drivers are as "bad" as the previous ones because NOTHING has changed apart from Metro.

    #53 - Nope still not "fixed", nothing has changed between this driver and the previous one apart from Metro.

    I really do like these forums but I have to vent when venting is needed.

    Say what you will about what I've written, but most of your issues belong in the "320.00" thread. End.
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    It's not ''Metro2033:Last Night'', wtf..

    It's Metro Last Light
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    Or maybe the "serious flaw" is something that only a couple of people are reporting out of the 1% of the user base who post on the forums while the other 99% are using the driver and simply don't care to post about it. You cannot make statistics purely based on the posts you see in forums.

    That said, I also had a regular BSOD error with the 320.00s... gonna try these tomorrow eve when I have some time.
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    Your probably right, but I wasn't an impossibilty to think that there might be some minor changes (due a newer build) But it's now probably safe to say we have to wait for a later driver to fix these bugs. Good that nv relased an updated driver just in time for Metro LL though.
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    I have no crashes in HOMM6 with 320.00 or 320.14. Theres also 2.1 for maingame and shades of darkness together.
  15. Seems to be more stable than 320.00 here on a GTX 460 SOC. Not sure about performance difference. Far Cry Blood Dragon is still giving me lots of crashes to desktop.

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    The only time the 320.00 driver crashed on me was when I was trying out a new memory overclock and playing BF3. It passed Valley bench but crashed BF3. Reverted back to stock overclock and haven't had any issues since. Didn't reinstall the driver.
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    Well,I've been a member of this site for about 6-7 years although
    I don't post a lot ,I do read all the time
    but the one thing I do know is you don't talk to someone like that
    that you want to help you
    I just didn't like his attitude and those guys from nvidia are here
    to help us,they don't have to be here
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    Great drivers!

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    Trine 2 is still broken with these. It works fine on 314.22

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