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NVIDIA GeForce ‘SUPER’ Product Teaser Video Goes Online

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 23, 2019.

  1. nhlkoho

    nhlkoho Ancient Guru

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    RTX 2080ti FE
    My point is you took a small detail from the video, which wasn't even a part of the video btw, to push a theory which you have no knowledge whether it's true or not.
  2. NewTRUMP Order

    NewTRUMP Order Master Guru

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    STRIX GTX 1080
    Well , there are four different Nvidia you tube channels, Nvidia Geforce Rtx, Nvidia Developers,Nvidia Gameworks and Nvida Generic. Not to mention all the sub channels. So I can say it has to do with the Geforce Rtx series since that IS the channel they posted the video on. Had they posted it on the developers channel then my point is meaningless. So my theory is sound and yours is not. And BTW I was and am right. SO troll on.

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