Nvidia First Quarter Fiscal 2018 Financials - Higher Profits due to Nintendo Switch

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    OK I wasn't clear enough.
    Both VR and autonomous driving are worthy goals to pursue.

    I meant business/investment wise; these two catalysts are somewhat murky. Admittedly autonomous driving is a disruptive technology, and its good to be at the forefront,but the competition will be fierce.
    Cheap and affordable will win (FPGA, asic), and I dont think Nvdia will be interested in selling sand.

    VR... I have no idea why investors think VR is a huge deal.

    OTOH computing driven AI, aka deep learning, is a much more general technology (autonomous driving being just one implementation), that will shape the future.
    There is no doubt about that.
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    Ironic statement, considering you're using a computer to type that message. People said almost the exact same thing when PCs started to popularize. Robots are not going to cause a long-term economic issue. I am 100% sure there will be many lost jobs, but there will also be many new ones.

    And what about medicine? Through medicine (not specifically drugs) we are making humans live through things we were never meant to be able to survive. Humans with disabilities are capable of living a relatively normal life. This results in excessive population growth and a reversal of human evolution, since faults in our gene pools are allowed. But, I don't see this as such a bad thing. The symbiosis, augmentation, and/or biological replacement of technology in human life is, in my opinion, a necessity for us to become "beyond human".

    I'm pretty sure Tesla went for Nvidia long before Pascal was even created. Many of Nvidia's automotive hardware is minuscule compared to a Titan XP.

    There are two reasons to invest in something:
    A. To ensure a product of personal interest will succeed.
    B. To rake in cash without putting in any effort.
    Option A is more altruistic; these investors aren't expecting immediate results, but they know that if their money gives their investment some momentum, they'll surely see a profit. Option B are the kind of people who invest in technology that is already well-established. These are the kind of people who can easily predict when and how much money they'll get back. These are the kinds of people who would never dare invest in VR.
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    Toyota Selects Nvidia, Intel Feels Heat

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