Nvidia drops 3 and 4-way SLI mode starting with GeForce 1000 series

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 9, 2016.

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    running in Amazon's, Microsoft's, Alibaba's and Badui'si data-centers :(
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    In GP100 where it belongs. You don't need HBM2 on a 314mm2 card. It's pointless.
  3. cowie

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    forgot it like they did gddr4:)

    They have hbm2 on their super computer in a box .
    Maybe holding back to not show all the cards so early into the shrink.

    its good to kill 3/4 sli yes it is been there done that,for all those .01% that complain just get rid of a monitor,for the benchers you will figure it out:nerd:
    As if they really step up on drivers for sli and single card speaking of which never know how much more they can get from 10x0 its only been a few weeks.
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    So you can't do 450kph on the autobahn with your v12 any longer, just 410 with a v8. The rest of us with 4 bangers will just stay to the right, as always.

  5. RzrTrek

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    Nvidia loves nerfing all of their products.
  6. claydough

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    span displays with SLI

    this is bad news for multi monitor enthusiasts...
    And I think whenever this debate rears it's ugly head that some forget that SLI comes in two flavors and I would argue that for spanning displays that there is always a scaling benefit and less buggy behavior than with SLI for boosting 3d performance alone! I am guessing this is the case because spanning monitor displays is essentially the same for every game?
    And when all the lemmings agree in unison that sli is worthless. They ignore and now negate my awesome experience.
    And for the most part if you think about it...
    Where most games are fine with a single card... then SLI is only essential with the burden of multi monitor enthusiasts. Besides 4k you would think that the majority of sli experience should have been positive.
    And probably would not had been in danger if those who "really" needed it. ( across 3 QHD monitors ) used it.
  7. sverek

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    Time for AMD 4 way Crossfire to shine on top charts of benchmarks :D

    I understand need for 4 GPUs in single system (each GPU does work independently),
    but syncing 4 GPUs for solo purspose is just overkill.

    Of course people who dreamed of playing 4k 144fps AAA games this year will be disappointed.

    If Nvidia improve 2 way SLI, by cutting 3 - 4 way SLI support, I am all for it.
    2 way SLI still makes sense with 8GB 1070 cards. They can deliver more performance for higher res before running out of memory.
  8. NAMEk

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    Laziness of developers is astonishing and/or lack of resources, like one poster already said - this had to be done on lower level from the start, now a lot of money wasted both for consumers and for NVIDIA.
  9. pharma

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    IMPORTANT UPDATE: After writing this story, but before publication, we went to NVIDIA for comment.
    As we were getting ready to publish, the company updated me with a shift in its stance on multi-GPU configurations. NVIDIA will no longer require "an enthusiast key" to enable SLI on more than two GPUs. However, NVIDIA will also only be enabling 3-Way and 4-Way SLI for a select few applications .
    More details are at the bottom of the story!

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  10. Borys

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    YES! To Nvidia fanboys could be. But to me, I ask the market move to delivery more power at lower prices!

    Thats the way man! Last years I quiet only use Radeon cards...

  11. Gen Techa

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    3 way sli

    Really sucks if you like to play with 3 monitors in surround mode. I use 1 graphics card for each monitor in 3 way sli. Although the new cards are really fast the games are becoming more resource hoggish as well. Sucks for me...
  12. Fender178

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    Hmm Very Interesting. I guess Something is better than Nothing.
  13. holler

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    Another thing that irks me is that NVIDIA will only enable for benchmarks, so technically it works but don't want to support their regular gaming customers but still reap the benefits of benchmark glory. Very douchey move by NVIDIA. Glad I jumped ship...
  14. stereoman

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    This seems like the beginning of the end for SLI to me and not good news at all, I think one of the biggest benefit of SLI is the fact that it's a cheap upgrade or at least it was, you could buy the latest card then 6 to 12 months down the line when the price had dropped a bit you could pick up another for almost double the performance, almost seems like a business decision than anything else, more money in keeping people tied to single GPU than offering an alternative like SLI.
  15. sverek

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    3 - 4 way SLI is a cheap and reasonable solution? You just gonna happen to have that much SAME cards lying around or purchase used card 1 by 1 at ebay? (I don't even mention how worse performance gain from 3way SLI will be)

    Just because Nvidia officially limited SLI to 2 way, doesn't mean it gonna end it. I am sure Nvidia gonna allow benchmarks to be run on 3 -4 way SLI with extended drivers from Nvidia or at least custom driver.

    You guys talking like you have 4 way SLI Nvdia 950Ti in your PC and complain you gonna miss it.
    Can we as mere consumers, just be reasonable here. I don't stop prevent you from dreaming... if you do, just mention it.

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