Nvidia drivers issues with windows 10

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    GTX 1080 8 GB OC
    Just installed windows 10 pro x64 build 10240. Did a clean install.
    I play cod advanced warfare.
    It worked well for few days but after that since yesterday it has started giving problems.
    I play the game at maxed out settings except super sampling which is turned off.
    I used to get constant 60 fps but now it gives only 30 fps..
    But when i turned off vsync it again started giving 60 fps..
    But terrible screen tearing occurred.
    Same happens with hitman absolution. The only problem is vsync..
    But i am confused why it works for few days and starts giving problems later on..
    The only option left for me is to do a clean install of windows again.
    Please someone tell a permanent solution for the problem,its stupidity to format windows after every 5 days.

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