NVidia Anti-Aliasing Guide (updated)

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    Cleans up nicely. I'll add it to the list.

    You could try without the F in there though. See if that makes a difference to sharpness.
    Also, try the AA fix as sometimes that will result in a sharper image as well.
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    Lemme test it out with Ankh 2 then.

    So the bit would be
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    Took a screenshot from early in the game with AA Fix enabled+ the bit mentioned and well...it works to give some needed AA but I'm not noticing much otherwise ^^;

    Still a nice clean presentation~

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    It doesn't work yeah. But trying what I found for Ys Seven may work. (Try wrapping it with DGV2 and see if forcing MSAA works)

    I finally found an easy working fix for Ys Seven.
    You can use this tool to wrap Ys Seven to DX11 and force MSAA (In the directX tab), and then use that to enhance to SGSSAA. Though mind you SGSSAA ends up looking a lot softer than without AA. (Lot of texture aliasing in this game). Alternatively you can just use MSAA, or downsample+MSAA, or you can disable Texture Filtering in game (Which will ignore any driver level override) and get sharper results though with textures that are pixellated.

    Remember though that this game behaves weird in FSE mode, it will always regardless of the setting use your highest supported resolution. Set 1080p but have 4k DSR? It will always use 4k DSR in FSE mode.
    So disable DSR when playing in the game or you can use Borderless and it will respect your resolution settings. You can try to force your FSE resolution in DGV2 but it will still do some kind of work at the higher resolution first, causing the image to be even softer (depending on your stretching setting in DGV2) or it will require more GPU performance than if you just disabled DSR.

    No AA https://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/Ys720210108165915371.png https://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/Ys720210108172211065.png
    8xMSAA https://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/Ys720210108170043596.png https://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/Ys720210108170204455.png
    8xSGSSAA https://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/Ys720210108170909804.png https://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/Ys720210108170307465.png
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    So for FFX, I just go into Inspector and set it to Enhance? But how do I know whether to use 2x, 4x, or 8x??
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    Yes, your SGSSAA level should always match the number of MSAA samples used by the game. And it has an option to choose 2,4,8 AFIK. So if you use 2xMSAA in game, set enhance 2xSGSSAA (Or 8xS+2xSGSSAA if it doesn't break anything).

    If you just want Transparency AA (like for grass, trees and what not) you can set any TrSSAA you want, it is independent of the MSAA level.
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    Well FFX HD seems to show I am using MSAA 8x
    I also have Project X installed for it

    I tried enhancing but not noticing much change xp
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    I haven't installed or played the PC version of X/X-2 so I don't know if the game really even needs it or not. (Depending on the severity of the aliasing present. It may not be a huge difference)
    Someone posted comparisons once. But I forget where they are. I do remember seeing the 4xSGSSAA enhanced comparison and seeing that it was somewhat softer compared without it.
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    The flag in the spreadsheet for Mirror's Edge doesn't work at my aspect ratio (3440x1440 monitor). This flag does: 0x080000C1

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    Updated. That was probably from before we knew the 8 would help out with UE3 and other aspect ratios. Thanks for testing.
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    I will try that then.

    Will see if I could enhance Soul Reaver 2 with 4 SSGSS as a fan patch seems to be able to apply AA to it.
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    Hello, i found sources of "compatibility bits" for AA and AO+ :
    are those the good ones to follow, actually (up-to-date) ?

    I have lot of games, i'll buy an RTX3070 when it's SUPERized, soon, (for now i play mostly Point & Click games with a PNY1660 single fan).

    Do the same NVProfileInspector settings are used between the two cards ? Is there no change on how works the AAntialising methods, because of DLSS....... ?

    PC specs :
    i7 9700F
    2x16GO Corsair LPX 2666
    SSsD & NVme
    1440p 144hz HDR1000 PC monitor (year 2021, pricy) when i'll buy the GPU (3070-S)
    4K TV 60HZ HDR10 "Q"LED (point & clicks, 60hz limited games, or that work/look well in 4K)

    EDIT: because that looks complicated to me, what are the base things to retain ?
    By exemple i retained :
    Unity Engine = 0x004000C1 - only DX9 (ever needed ?)
    What about other engines ? Only Unity has a global FLAG ?
    AND :
    Since it needs no bits It should be set up as "Override application setting"

    For 'most' games that got build in AA support use the Enhance AA option, turn the games AA down to minimum and add Transparency AA.

    For games that perform badly with their build in AA, turn it completely off in game and use the Force AA option together with Transparency AA.

    For games that got no build in AA support, use the Force AA option together with Transparency AA. (ATI as example takes a huge performance hit with the build in AA from Aion, so here I get 100% more performance by forcing it via the card instead, and that even with much higher AA settings)

    You notice Transparency AA in games where developers used tiny transparent textures between fences, trees etc.
    The performance of this rendering method is higher than if they used polygons or alike.

    For high AA settings the games textures need to be very detailed for you to notice, so it really depends on which game you look at.

    "The 13th Doll: The 7th Guest Fan Game"
    "1979 Revolution"
    "A Plague Tale: Innocence"
    "Adam Lost Memories"
    "The Agony"
    "Alan Wake"
    "Alan Wake's American Nightmare"
    "American McGee's Alice"
    "Alice Madness Returns"
    "Alien: Isolation"
    "American Fugitive"
    "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"
    "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs"
    "Another Sight"
    "Hodge's Journey"
    "Apsulov: End of Gods"
    "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood"
    "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey"
    "Assassin's Creed Origins"
    "Attack on Titan 2"
    "Baja: Edge of Control"
    "Batman: Arkham City"
    "Batman: Arkham Knight"
    "Batman: Arkham Origins"
    "Batman: Telltale Series"
    "Batman: TTS - The Enemy Within"
    "Battle Fantasia"
    "The Beast Inside"
    "Beholder 2"
    "Bendy and the Ink Machine"
    "Beyond a Steel Sky"
    "Bioshock 2"
    "BioShock Infinite"
    "Black Future '88"
    "Blackwood Crossing"
    "Blame Him"
    "Blues and Bullets"
    "Bohemian Killing"
    "Borderlands: Pre-Sequel"
    "Borderlands 2"
    "Tales From The Borderlands"
    "The Butterfly Sign"
    "Call of Cthulhu"
    "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger"
    "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow"
    "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2"
    "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate"
    "Catherine Classic"
    "The Cave"
    "Colina Legacy"
    "The Council"
    "Crazy Taxi"
    "The Cursed Forest"
    "D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die"
    "The Dark Occult (Conjuring House)"
    "Dead Cells"
    "Dead Island"
    "Dead Island: Riptide"
    "Dead or Alive 6"
    "The Descendant"
    "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"
    "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided"
    "Devil May Cry 5"
    "Dishonored 2"
    "Dragon Ball Z : Kakarot"
    "Driver : San Francisco"
    "Dying Light"
    "Emily Wants Too Play"
    "Escape Legacy: Ancient Scrolls"
    "eXperience 112"
    "F.E.A.R. 3"
    "The Fall"
    "The Fall 2: Unbound"
    "Far Cry Primal"
    "The Fidelio Incident"
    "Genesis Alpha One"
    "Get Even"
    "Ghost of a Tale"
    "Granblue Fantasy: Versus"
    "Grand Theft Auto"
    "Gray Dawn"
    "Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2"
    "Guilty Gear XX Accent Core"
    "Home Sweet Home"
    "Inner Chains"
    "Inner Voices"
    "Clive Barker's Jericho"
    "Jet Set Radio"
    "Journey of a Roach"
    "Katana Zero"
    "Kentucky Route Zero"
    "Killer 7"
    "Killer Instinct"
    "King of Fighters XIII"
    "The King of Fighters XIV"
    "King's Quest : Graham"
    "L.A Noire"
    "Lair of the Clockwork God"
    "Last Look"
    "Legacy of Kain : Defiance"
    "Lex Mortis (Reflecting Fate)"
    "Little Nightmares"
    "Dreamfall Chapters"
    "Mark of the Ninja"
    "Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death"
    "Marvel Vs. Capcom : Infinite"
    "Marvel Vs. Capcom 3"
    "Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code"
    "Melty Blood Re・ACT Final Tuned"
    "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance"
    "Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zeroes"
    "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain"
    "Metal Slug 7"
    "Metro Exodus"
    "Monster Hunter World"
    "Montague's Mount"
    "Moons of Madness"
    "Mortal Kombat Komplete"
    "MXGP 2019"
    "No70 Eye of Basir"
    "Octodad: Dadliest Catch"
    "The Old City: Leviathan"
    "OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood"
    "Palmyra Orphanage"
    "The Park"
    "Pathologic 2"
    "Planet Apha"
    "Prince of Persia"
    "Rayman Legends"
    "Rayman Origins"
    "Reaching For Petals"
    "Red Johnson's Chronicles"
    "Remember Me"
    "Resident Evil"
    "Resident Evil 2"
    "Resident Evil 3"
    "Resident Evil 4"
    "Resident Evil 5"
    "Resident Evil: Revelations 2"
    "Resonance of Fate"
    "Back to the Future: The Game"
    "Riddick Chronicles : Assault on Dark Athena"
    "Riddick Chronicles : Escape from Butcher Bay"
    "River City Girls"
    "Scanner Sombre"
    "Shadow Warrior"
    "Shadow Warrior : Viscera Cleanup Detail"
    "Shadow Warrior II"
    "Shank 2"
    "Shantae: Half-Genie Hero"
    "Shantae and the Seven Sirens"
    "She Sees Red"
    "Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter"
    "The Silent Age"
    "Silent Hill : Homecoming"
    "Silent Hill 2"
    "Silent Hill 3"
    "The Silver Case"
    "The Silver Case : 25th Ward"
    "Silver Chains"
    "The Sinking City"
    "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"
    "Slain: Back from Hell"
    "The Solus Project"
    "Song of Horror"
    "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed"
    "Sonic Lost World"
    "Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy"
    "Stay In The Light"
    "Street Fighter V"
    "Street Fighter X Tekken"
    "Styx : Master of Shadows"
    "Styx: Shards of Darkness"
    "Terminator: Rampage"
    "Through The Woods"
    "Tomb Raider"
    "Rise of the Tomb Raider"
    "Shadow of the Tomb Raider"
    "The Town of Light"
    "Trackmania Turbo"
    "Trine 2"
    "Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power"
    "Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince"
    "TT Isle of Man : Ride on the Edge"
    "Two Point Hospital"
    "Tyler: Model 005"
    "Unforgiving : Northern Hymn"
    "Unreal Tournament 2004"
    "Unreal Tournament III"
    "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter"
    "The Void"
    "The Walking Dead"
    "Watch Dogs"
    "Watch Dogs 2"
    "What Remains of Edith Finch"
    "The Wolf Among Us"
    "Wolfenstein: The New Order"
    "Wolfenstein: The Old Blood"
    "Wolfenstein II : New Colossus"
    "Ys : Origin"
    "Ys VIII : Lacrimosa of DANA"

    Point & Clicks :

    "1954: Alcatraz"
    "Murder in The Abbey"
    "Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders"
    "Alien Incident"
    "AR-K : Sex, Lies and Class Work & The Girl Who Wasn’t There"
    "AR-K: The Great Escape"
    "Blacksad: Under the Skin"
    "The Blackwell Convergence"
    "The Blackwell Deception"
    "The Blackwell Epiphany"
    "The Blackwell Legacy"
    "The Blackwell Unbound"
    "The Book of Unwritten Tales"
    "The Book of Unwritten Tales: Critter Chronicles"
    "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2"
    "Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller"
    "Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey"
    "The Darkside Detective"
    "Day of the Tentacle"
    "Return Of The Tentacle"
    "Chaos On Deponia"
    "Goodbye Deponia"
    "Deponia Doomsday"
    "Discworld II: Missing Presumed ...!? Mortality Bytes"
    "Discworld Noir"
    "The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy"
    "Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive"
    "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout"
    "Face Noir"
    "Full Throttle"
    "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers"
    "Gemini Rue"
    "Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island"
    "Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure"
    "Gods Will Be Watching"
    "Goin' Downtown"
    "Gray Matter"
    "Heaven's Hope"
    "Her Majesty's SPIFFING"
    "Jack Keane"
    "Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within"
    "Jolly Rover"
    "The Journey Down"
    "Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World"
    "Kathy Rain"
    "King's Quest III : To Heir is Human"
    "Lamplight City"
    "The Last Door"
    "The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav"
    "The Longest Journey"
    "Lost Horizon"
    "Memento Mori: The Secret of Eternal Life"
    "Memento Mori 2: Guardians of Immortality"
    "Milkmaid of the Milky Way"
    "Monkey Island"
    "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge"
    "The Curse of Monkey Island"
    "Escape From Monkey Island"
    "Tales of Monkey Island"
    "The Next BIG Thing"
    "The Night Of The Rabbit"
    "Perils of Man"
    "Perry Rhodan: Myth Of The Illochim"
    "The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief"
    "Rex Nebular and The Cosmic Gender Bender"
    "Sam & Max I : Sauvez le monde"
    "Sam & Max II : Au-delà du temps et de l'espace"
    "Sam & Max III : La maison de poupées du diable"
    "The Samaritan Paradox"
    "Secret Files : Sam Peters"
    "Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens"
    "Simon the Sorcerer: Who'd Even Want Contact?!"
    "Starship: Quasar"
    "Still Life"
    "Supreme League of Patriots"
    "Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure"
    "Thimbleweed Park"
    "The Uncertain: The Last Quiet Day"
    "A Vampyre Story"
    "The Westerner"
    "The Whispered World"
    "Whispers of a Machine"
    "Yesterday Origins"

    Lists as HTML with pic/nfo

    DIIT :
    Today i play Memento Mori, i think it goes better with "FastSync" and "TripleBuffer" !! Good ?
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    Settings are universal between GPUs. However everything needs to be set on a per game basis for each game you play. The Unity flag is just there as a basic starting point as it may not work with all DX9 Unity games. (Most modern Unity games are DX11 so it won't do anything to those)And you should test things out before slapping settings on everything to find what works for you.
    The Triple Buffer setting only affects OpenGL games so it won't do anything for most games listed. Fast Sync is only going to be useful if you are running at very high framerates. Forcing AA will make it harder to maintain higher framerates as forcing AA can even bring a high end GPU to it's knees. Phantasy Star Online 2 for example can use between 60-100% of an RTX 2080 targeting 60FPS with 8xSGSSAA at 1080p and will drop frames with heavy particle effects.

    Enhancing will ONLY work if the game supports MSAA. Otherwise it does nothing. And the quality of the enhanced effect will vary greatly depending on the game's implementation of MSAA. (IE: Halo Wars with enhanced AA doesn't look as good as say Serious Sam). It can still tank performance.
    When forcing you should disable any in game AA unless otherwise noted in the entry for the game in the document.
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    Yes, it starts with the "Mode" : Override "or" Enhance.
    After comes the "AA Setting" : from 8xQ (SGSS) to 32xS (SS+MS).

    IF i don't enable those two settings, DO "Transparency MS" & "SS" options can be applied anyway ?

    I don't other AA settings, sometimes/rarely old games take better benefict of Reshade FXAA...

    So, if a game uses Unity 3/4/5, i look at the API it uses on PCGW, if i can switch it ingame it works also.
    When it's DX9 i can apply this compatiblility bit with Nvidia AA !!

    I use always "FastSync" mixed to "TripleBuffer" if i need to fix a game, often older ones, i've read once that it makes "TripleBuffer" work with D3D. Not right ?!

    I'll certainly have to learn about G-Sync settings soon anyway.

    One game i know is resource asking, Split/Second Velocity

    Yes, yes.

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    Its 2d game, forcing AA will change nothing.
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    Not sure, PCGW links to glossary page, and saying "no naative" not "not applicable.
    EDIT : i think 4x4 SS is the good choice

    Today i took notes to continue my first thread, listing AA, older to newer.

    was one of the first anti-aliasing techniques to exist. Although it is the most demanding of your systems resources, it is the most effective technique in combating jagged edges.

    Adaptive anti-aliasing is an extension to the MSAA, which presents a better solution for alpha or transparent screen textures.

    CSAA (nv)
    EQAA (amd)

    by far the least demanding anti-aliasing technique of all.
    MLAA (amd)

    TXAA (Temporal Anti Aliasing)
    one of the latest anti-aliasing techniques which attempts to improve MSAA. The results are smooth-edges and sharp graphics.

    DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)
    New for now

    which can inject certain anti-aliasing methods

    SGSSA and OGSSAA...........
    by NVPI

    EDIT =

    Haunted's engine is Ogre, it has max 4x AA, so if i follow the way to do it correctly, i set ingame 2x (not 0 nor 4), NVPI : enhance app - 8xQ + Transp. MS "on" & SS 8xSparse ?! Game plays quick in 4k60hz on GTX1660S.
    CSAA breaks the game, won't launch !!

    Black Sails uses same engine (i think, settings in are isentical), and i can set by editing ini files FSAA to 8x (4x ingame menu), and it appears in the game options as 8x effectively after, nothing to do afterall to enhance those !!?

    About Transparenct MS & SS, when should and not be enabled ? Works with all AA types (CS OG...)
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