NVIDIA and AMD Graphics card shortages to last thoughout H1 2021

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 13, 2021.

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    cause partner versions of 6800/xt have a ridiculous markup over reference.this is the cheapest one at $770

    other are $800-850.you're not gonna see much of a price drop for 6800 cards even if stock is back.only choice is reference.

    there's something shady going on here.amd launched at 650 msrp but wanted to stop making reference right away.meanwhile partners are charging a $150 premium.it looks like they're just not making enough profit on these cards unless they're that expensive.
    manufacturing on enhanced 7nm tsmc,overengineered power curcuitry,vram size,additional cache - those must add up.

    makes sense looking at r5000 prices too - 6 core starting at $300,8 core at $450.
    tsmc's enhanced 7nm must be super expensive.

    imagine ampere on 7nm tsmc,3070 would be $750 too.
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    Meanwhile in the wild

    NVIDIA to reintroduce GeForce RTX 2060 series

    A month ahead of the official GeForce RTX 3060 launch to the market, NVIDIA has plans to reintroduce its Turing cards first.
    Interesting information has been shared by Overclocking.com today. According to multiple sources of theirs, NVIDIA has plans to reintroduce GeForce RTX 2060 series to the market, just as we expected its successor. The site claims that NVIDIA has already distributed new GPU stock to board partners and system integrators. The numbers of the shipments are not disclosed, nor it is explained why is it happening right now.

    According to Overclocking.com, the reintroduced RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER will be priced at 300 EUR and 400 EUR respectively. The latter being well above the RTX 3060 which will retail at 339 EUR in France. Hopefully, this isn’t an indicator of limited GA106 GPU stock at launch.



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    And if I want to see my favorite massive band at Madison Square garden front row on the fourth of July I should be able to buy those two (and for their normal rate) but I can't.

    Sometimes people want things more than they are "worth" if so turn that thing is now ACTUALLY worth whatever someone will pay for it.

    There's only so many of a thing to go around if you're not willing to pay extra for its hotness then you'll have to make up for it in either time and effort or just plain dumb luck.

    There's no way around it you are going to "pay" this new "value" one way or another.

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    Nothing wrong with buying RTX3090. It's really good and if time and performance is more important than money, then, everyday that passes only solidifies the positives of that purchase.

    Anyway, I said last year that it'll be end of 2021 to see any decent stock. I predict by the time we hit Christmas 2021 it'll be better, but, not by much. Don't expect too much this year. Everyone wants to pump out their pies, but, there can only be so many pies...
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    I remember feeling unhappy about buying my 2070S for $500+ in early 2020. I felt like if I had just been able to wait a little longer, I could get a 3070 instead. This whole thing has retroactively made me feel pretty good about that purchase given the price point...
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