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    Choplifter HD, nice little game using Unreal Engine. may I suggest AA compatibility flag “0×00000045″ and Ambient Occlusion compatibility flag “0×00000024″

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    Any chance of the first post in this thread being updated yet?
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    No, i think.
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    Most people either missed this or didn't care:

    Seems like he never got the time, and no one else stepped up. So the options are:

    1 Live with no updates.
    2 Go through, find all the updates, put it together for him, and PM him the info.
    3 Someone with more time and drive to keep this alive starts a new thread and keeps it updated.

    It's that simple.

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    Darksiders - 0x00001201 sgssaa #308
    Drains - 0x000100C5 sgsaa #516
    First Templar - 0x004000C0 sgsaa #539
    Section 8 Prejudice - 0x000012C1 sgssaa #540
    samuria vengeance 2 - 0x004000C1 #542
    Medal of Honor 2010 (Dx9) - 0x004030C1 #543
    Garshasp - 0x00000041 #548
    Faery: Legends of Avalon - 0x004030C0 - MSAA, TrSSAA.. 0x004000C0 - SGSSAA #572
    Fable 3 - 0x004000C1 sgssaa#596
    Americas Army 3 - 0x00000041 #598
    Mass Effect 2 - 0x08009CC5 sgssaa #634
    Deus Ex Human Revolution - 0x004100C0 - Performance, 0x004030C0 - Quality (very high performance drop), 0x004000C0 - For SGSSAA #635
    Red Faction 4 (dx9) - 0x004000C1 sgsaa #641
    Crazy Machines Elements - 0x000032C1 - For MSAA, 0x000012C1 - For OGSSAA (SGSSAA buggy in this game) #649
    Alice: Madness Returns - 0x000010C1 sgssaa
    Transformers: War for Cybertron -0x00000245 sgssaa
    Dead Island - 0x0000F0C1, 0x0000D0C1
    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - 0x00001241 - For MSAA/TrSSAA, 0x000012С1 - For SGSSAA; OGSSAA, 0x000112C1 - For OGSSAA+MSAA #785
    Blacksite: Area 51 - 0x00020001 - For MSAA/TrSSAA, 0x000200С1 - For SGSSAA(blurred); OGSSAA, 0x000300C1 - For OGSSAA+MSAA #792
    Bulletstorm - 0x08009CC5 SGSSAA #822
    Cursed Crusade - 0x000012C1 sgsaa #838
    Driver San Francisco - 0x00000001 (only 16:9 resolutions!) #845
    Wolfenstein (2010) - more blur lower fps 0x000030C1, less blur more fps 0x000010C1, less blur much more fps 0x004010C1 #878
    Costume Quest - 0x000032C1 - For MSAA,TrSSAA, 0x000012C1 - For SGSSAA (OGSSAA not working properly) #908
    Payday The Heist - For MSAA,TrSSAA:0x00401241 - Performance, 0x004412C1 - Performance/Quality, 0x004032C1 - Quality, 0x004012C1 - For SGSSAA (OGSSAA not working properly) #920
    Disney Universe - 0x004032C0 - For MSAA, TrSSAA.. 0x004012C0 - For OGSSAA, SGSSAA.. see #931 for proper instructions!!
    Rock of Ages - 0x080100C5 - For MSAA, TrSSAA.. 0x080000C1 - For OGSSAA; SGSSAA (causes flickering).. 0x080100C1 - For OGSSAA+MSAA (causes flickering) #935
    L.A. Noire - 004000C1 SGSSAA 16:9 only #951
    Jurassic Park The Game - 0x20000241 (Performance) - For MSAA, TrSSAA.. 0x200032C1 (Quality) - For MSAA, TrSSAA.. 0x200002C1 - For SGSSAA.. #963
    Rochard - 0x004000C1 sgssaa, no need for hybrids and OGSSAA #991
    Assassin's Creed Revelations - 0x000012C1 sgssaa #998
    Afterfall Insanity - 0x080100C5 #998

    mods/admins can add it to first post
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    Meh. I'll just start a new thread.
    Includes flags from MfA in above post.

    Adams venture 2 - 0x080100C5
    Afterfall insanity - 0x080100C5
    Alcatraz - 0x00000041
    Alice madness returns - 0x00000024
    Alien Breed 1 2 & 3 - 0x00000041
    Aliens vs. Predator - 0x004030C1
    Alpha Protocol - 0x00000041
    Americas Army 3 - 0x00000041
    Amnesia - 0x0000F0C1
    Arcania: Gothic 4 - 0x00002044
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - 0x000012C1
    Assassin's creed revelations - 0x000012C1
    BLUR - 0x00008045
    Back to the future series - 0x00000041
    Batman: Arkham Asylum - 0x000010C1
    Battlefield 2 - 0x40000000
    Battlefield 2 Bad Company - 0x004010C1
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (DX9) - 0x004030C1
    Bionic Commando - 0x004030C1 or 0x00421041
    Blacksite: Area 51 - 0x00020001 or 0x000200C1 or 0x000200C1
    Borderlands 0x080010C1
    Brink - 0x0000F0C1
    Bulletstorm - 0X080100C5 or 0x08009CC5
    Call of Duty: Black Ops - 0x000010C1 or 0x00000041
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 0x000010C1
    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - 0x0000F0C1 or 0x00411245 or 0x000010C5
    Chernobyl terrorist attack - 0x00001041
    Choplifter HD - 0×00000045
    Costume Quest - 0x000032C1 or 0x000012C1
    Crazy Machines Elements - 0x000032C1 or 0x000012C1
    Crysis 2 - 0x000012C1
    Cursed crusade - 0x000012C1
    Dark Sector - 0x004000C0
    Darksiders - 0x00001201
    Darkspore - 0x000030C1
    Dead Island - 0x000010C1
    Dead Rising 2 - 0x00000041
    Dead Space - 0x004010C0
    Dead Space 1 - 0x004030C0
    Dead Space 2 - 0x004030C0 or 0x00411245
    Deathspank - 0x00002045 or 0x004000C1
    Defense Grid: The Awakening - 0x000010C0
    Deus Ex Human Revolution - 0x004100C0 or 0x004030C0 or 0x004000C0
    Disney universe - 0x004032C0 or 0x004012C0
    Divinity 2 dragon saga - 0x0000F0C1
    Divinity II: Ego Draconis - 0x0000F0C1
    Doctor Who The Adventure Games - 0x00411245
    Dragon Age Origins - 0x004010C0
    Dragon age - 0x0000F0C1
    Drains - 0x000100C5
    Drakensang Dark Eye - 0x00000041
    Drakensang River of Time - 0x00000041
    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - 0x080100C5
    Driver San Francisco - 0x00000001
    Empire: Total War - 0x00400245
    FUEL - 0x00011241 or 0x000112C1
    Fable 3 - 0x004000C
    Faery: Legends of Avalon - 0x004030C0 or 0x004000C0
    Fallout new vegas - 0x0000F0C1
    Far Cry 2 - 0x00100000
    First templar - 0x004000C0
    Ford Racing 3 - 0x000000C0
    Fuel - 0x000112C1
    Garshasp - 0x00000041
    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 - 0x00001241
    Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime - 0x00001244
    Gothic III (no HDR) - 0x00001041 or 0x00001041
    Grand Theft Auto IV - 0x00400040 (minimap and phone)
    Half Life 2 - 0x004010C1 or 0x400010D9
    Homefront - 0x000012C1 or 0x00000041
    Im Not Alone - 0x00000041
    Imagine Flight Simulator - 0x00000800
    James Bond: Blood Stone - 0x00000041
    Jurassic Park - 0x20000241 or 0x200032C1 or 0x200002C1
    Kane & Lynch 2 : Dog days - 0x000010C1
    Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - 0x000010C1
    L.A. NOIRE - 0x004000C1 or 0x00411245
    LEGO Batman - 0x00421041
    LEGO Harry Potter - 0x00421041
    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - 0x004032C1 or 0x204030C0
    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 0x000012C1
    Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars - 0x004030C1
    Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office - 0x0000F0C1
    Mafia II - 0x000d02c4
    Magicka - 0x000012C0
    Mass Effect - 0x000010C1
    Mass Effect 2 - 0x08009CC5 or 0x000100C5
    Medal of Honor (2010) - 0x000010C1 or 0x00000041 or 0x000030C1 or 0x00020041
    Medal of Honor (multiplayer - DX9) - 0x004030C11
    Mirror's Edge - 0x004010C1
    Monday night combat -0x000100C5
    NFS Shift 2 Unleashed - 0x000010C1 or 004110C1
    NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 - 0x004010C5
    NFS Shift - 0x000010C1
    Nail'd - 0x0000F0C1
    Napoleon: Total War - 0x00400245
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit - 0x004010C5
    Need for Speed: Shift II - 0x000010C1
    Operation flashpoint red river - 0x004032C1 or 0x004010C0
    PURE - 0x004102C1
    Painkiller: Redemption - 0x00000041
    Payday The Heist - 0x00401241 or 0x004412C1 or 0x004032C1 or 0x004012C1
    Portal - 0x004010C1
    Post Apocalyptic Mayhem - 0x000030C1
    Prey - 0x0000F0C1
    Red faction 4 - 0x004000C1
    Rock of Ages - 0x080100C5 or 0x080000C1 or 0x080100C1
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series - 0x01000000
    SAW - 0x080100C1
    SWTOR - 0x004010C0
    Saboteur - 0x00411245
    Samuria vengeance 2 - 0x004000C1
    Saw: The Video Game - 0x080100C5 or 0x000000C1
    Section 8 prejudice - 0x000012C1
    Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops - 0x004032C1
    Shaun White Snowboarding - 0x004010C1
    Shogun 2: Total war - 0x004030C0
    Shrek forever after - 0x000100C5
    SilentHill Homecoming - 0x20000301 or 0x200012C1
    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - 0x00411245
    Spiderman: Shattered Dimension - 0x004110C1
    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - 0x00000001
    Stalker - Shadows of Chernobyl 0x0000D0C1
    Stalker Series - 0x00001041
    Starcraft II - 0x000010C1
    Star wars: Force unleashed - 0x00000245
    Steam Slug - 0x080100C5
    Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 - 0x000012C1
    Stoked: Big Air Edition - 0x204C12C1 or 0x204812C1 or 0x204012C1
    Terminator: Salvation - 0x004110C1 or 0x004030C1
    Test Drive Unlimited - 0x00001005
    The Ball - 0x080100c5
    The Witcher - 0x000010C1
    Timeshift - 0x004010C4
    Toy Story 3 - 0x000030C1
    Transformers: War for Cybertron - 0x00000245
    Treasure Island - 0x00000041
    Tron - 0x000100C5
    Two Worlds II - 0x000012C4
    Undergarden - 0x0000F0C1
    Viva Pinata - 0x0000F0C1 or 0x00411245
    Wanted: Weapons of Fate - 0x004032C1
    War for Cybertron - 0x00000245
    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - 0x00001241 or 0x000012C1 or 0x000112C1
    Wolfenstein (2010) - 0x000030C1 or 0x000010C1 or 0x004010C1
    World in Conflict - 0x00000080
    two worlds 2 - 0x000012C4
    That's current as of now. Hopefully the new thread takes off though.
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    Hello! Help me find Nvidia Inspector profiles for Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012.
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    Does it make any difference if you're running in DX9 or DX11?
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    Those L.A. Noire flags only work in DX9.

  11. Darren Hodgson

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    The 0x20441A44 AA compatibility flag works with MSAA in King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame. I've taken some screenshots and will post tomorrow as it's too late now. Looks v. nice though.

    This flag may work with the sequel too as long as you run DX9 and not DX10/11.
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    What should I do for Payday then? ****'s flickering like crazy. With 0x004012C1 and 4xMSAA + 4xSparse grid supersampling

    **nvm, found it : http://forums.guru3d.com/showpost.php?p=4232829&postcount=6

    **sry for bumping an old thread btw. Got to the post I quoted via google :nerd:
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    srry; nvm.
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    Any ideas on the best CoD Black Ops 2 settings? TXAA vs MSAA vs combinations of both etc.

    I have a solid system i7930@4.3 and 680. I love the temporal aa of TXAA (no shimmering during movement) but of course it is blurry.

    Has anyone tried to combine in game TXAA with NV inspector sgssaa or MSAA?

    I found two posts on this thread for AA compatibility bits that should improve blurryness with sgssaa when used in Blops I (0x000010C1 and yeah another one I forget) but I don't know if this (and the accompanying negative lod settings between -1 and -2) will affect the TXAA blur.

    I'll be trying some stuff out. But hopefully we can generate some conversation on the topic of still using txaa in Blops II but also dealing with IQ and blur. And if anyone knows of a thread that deals with Blops II and TXAA/IQ specifically please let the guys here in this thread know! Thanks.

    (I'm sure these sgssaa links are burried somewhere here in this thread but here again- these are great sites for sparse grid super sample aa reading)
    http://naturalviolence.webs.com/sgssaa.htm and one here: http://timothylottes.*************/2012/08/tsw-noaafxaamsaatxaa-video-and-resize.html)
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    Downsampling helps get rid of some blur in CoD games along with sparse grid super sample aa.

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    Does anyone know of a working AA flag for the witcher 2? I tried 0x000012C1 but it gave graphics glitches around the faces.
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    Not possible without too much blur.
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    sry wrong title
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