Nvidia 71.81!!

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by RBEJ, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. {HLH}

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    halo is fixed

    temp issues can be fixed by overclocking the 2d core to 401mhz
  2. dominant1

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    Evga Gtx1070 Superclocked
    I have read that if your card comes over clocked like the bfg ultra oc does, there should'nt be any temp problems. Is this true?
  3. {HLH}

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    if its over 401 on the core then it should be fine

    if not its a luck of the draw dude
  4. cloudman

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    Asus CU II GTX 780
    For some odd reason I lost the ability to use color correction with these. Not sure why..............Not gonna spend alot of time trying to figure out. More then likely a corrupt install.

  5. {HLH}

    {HLH} Guest

    working fine here cloudman

    try installing again
  6. SupaSiLa

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    Leadtek 6800GT 256mb @ 430/1150 (Zm
    what the password?
  7. {HLH}

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    it sez the password on the download page

    its also the name of our site

    guru3d.com DUH lol

    read the instructions next time supa lol
  8. GOZ

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    These are the best I've tested.I've ran about all of the betas
    My idle is 1c over were it used to be (46c)

    3dmark03 =11354(with antivirus running dailup internet........)

    3dmark03 on other drivers see below


    my temps under a load went down ??? weird (3c)
  9. Mr_ALLroy

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    EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3
    Fixed? Seems like more of a bandaid. But I can't complain, after all, these are BETA drivers for QUADRO video cards.

    Next release will have us putting bags of ice inside our pc's just to keep idle temps down to normal operating temps.
  10. macatak

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    Gigabyte RTX 3070
    A few game benchmarks...
    Far Cry
    71.81 = 69.35 fps
    71.80 = 69.35 fps
    67.66 = 69.93 fps
    67.03 = 69.87 fps
    71.81 = 56.8 fps
    71.80 = 56.8 fps
    67.66 = 56.6 fps
    67.03 = 56.6 fps
    71.81 = 70.34 fps
    71.80 = 70.32 fps
    67.66 = 70.75 fps
    67.03 = 70.66 fps
    71.81 = 73.08 fps
    71.80 = na
    67.66 = 73.12 fps
    67.03 = 72.91 fps
    71.81 = 109.47 fps
    71.80 = 114.06 fps
    67.66 = 109.73 fps
    67.03 = 110.54 fps
    CS:S VST
    71.81 = 107.72 fps
    71.80 = 106.14 fps
    67.66 = 105.14 fps
    67.03 = 105.09 fps
    HL2 'airboat' Timedemo
    71.81 = 72.32 fps
    71.80 = 72.25 fps
    67.66 = 68.10 fps
    67.03 = 68.24 fps
    HL2 'Guru3D_demo5' Timedemo
    71.81 = 109.84 fps
    71.80 = 109.48 fps
    67.66 = 103.96 fps
    67.03 = 104.07 fps
    Next please :)

  11. GaneshJadu

    GaneshJadu Guest

    So only issue with these drivers are the high temps. pee water in CSS/HL2 fixed? Also Halo bug is fixed and anything else I need ti know before testing and downloading?
  12. ericdrum

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    eVGA 670 FTW SLI
    I don't mind the overclocking of the 2D settings at all. If the temp is within' range, I don't care if I'm overclocking the 2D settings.

    All? No. All.
  13. Saabjock

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    PNY GTX1070XLR8
    I had a rather strange thing happen on loading these 71:81 drivers, (along with the 6:39 chipset drivers) on my GA-K8NS Pro m/b w/BFG 6800 Ultra OC videocard initially.... My system got really slow and choppy in F1C (about 5 FPS at start of race as opposed to a normal 40 with the 5:10 and 71:80 I was converting from. The 'culprit' turned out to be the SMBus driver, coupled with the fact that the 6:39 did not give an option to install the GART driver as with the 5:10. Luckily,for me I remembered that there were only four options in the 6:39 install as opposed to five with the 5:10. I installed the SMBus driver and the GART driver from the 5:10 package and now the system is faster, with the best graphics and smoother than I have ever seen it. The 71:81 driver appears to render light, colors and shadows slightly better than the 71:80....which is no small feat....the 71:80 were great on my system.
  14. Justnd

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    Geforce FX 5700LE @ 425/500
    Like many people, I am experiencing great overall performance/IQ/stability.

    So at least with my setup and FX 5700LE, they're performing great.
  15. {HLH}

    {HLH} Guest

    it seems to perform ok on my 5900XT

    i can't really tell as my kt600 chipset is a peice of shiznit and locks up when it gets to warm on the chipset

    yah yah i know ... never buy a via chipset that doesnt have the a on the end of it

    oh well im looking at a ak79D-400VN (Nforce2) now

    now that'll kill

  16. mrblah

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    galaxy HD 7850
    ok, I find this strange. After having the computer on for awhile the drivers eventually found out which monitor Im using (it displays as viewsonic now instead of just default display), now that my monitor is being shown correctly I havent gotten the screen problem even when I go into advanced options.

    I didnt do ANYTHING either. It just suddenly started to work properly after a couple hours

    the drivers dont have good IQ in cs:s though, de_aztec's grass is majorly embossed and in office the object shadows are all messed up and go through things like tables.
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  17. Despoiler

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    Sapphire TRI-X R9 Fury
    The UI corruption in World of Warcraft has been fixed. The IQ is excellent and so are the framerates. I have no issues with temperature. 42 degree idle, 44 under load. Best driver to date that I have used with my card.
  18. plguzman

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    Diamond 4870X2
    I strongly suggest that you pay attention to the temps. I can see some people here not worried about it. I know that the cards can handle this temps and more, but the case internal temp goes high a lot. My local temp went up 10ºC (the card temp went up 15ºC). That's not good for your PC's health. If the 2D trick goes for your card, then fine go ahead. But if you have a 6800 128Mb like me, better u think twice before sticking with this drivers.
  19. I was thinking.....

    maybe the temperature rises because.....*Hidden tweak that we don't see?*

    to speed the drivers behind our back?

    just a thought
  20. dominant1

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    Evga Gtx1070 Superclocked
    i heard its a glitch and even though your card reads hot it really isnt as hot as it displays....

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