NVIDIA 290.03 LINUX Drivers

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    NVIDIA 290.03 for Linux
    It’s not every day we can see NVIDIA releasing a graphics driver for Linux before the Windows version. You can download R290.03 here:
    R290.03 Linux-x86
    R290.03 Linux-x86_64
    R290.03 Linux-x86_64-no-compat32
    R290.03 freeBSD-x86
    R290.03 freeBSD-x86_64

    R290.03 release highlights:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the driver from loading on some systems with integrated graphics.
    • Fixed issues in VDPAU that prevented allocating and displaying extremely large VdpOutputSurfaces.
    • Added support for limiting heap allocations in the OpenGL driver through the use of the __GL_HEAP_ALLOC_LIMIT environment variable. See the README for further details.
    • Added an “Accel” option to the X driver to allow disabling its use of the graphics processing hardware. This is useful when other components, such as CUDA, require exclusive use of the GPU’s processing cores.
    • Modified how the OpenGL driver allocates executable memory so it may continue to function properly if /tmp is mounted noexec. As some fallback allocation methods may be prohibited under SELinux policy, the driver now supports detection of this policy as well as manual override of this detection via the __GL_SELINUX_BOOLEANS environment variable.
    • Fixed a bug that caused various GLSL built-in uniforms to not be updated properly when calling glPopAttrib.
    • Improved performance by caching compiled OpenGL shaders to disk. Added a “GLShaderDiskCache” option to the X driver to enable/disable this feature. Added the __GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE and __GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH environment variables for further configuration. See the README for further details.

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    @ all: Please keep your posts related to the topic of this thread. Thank you!

    @ yosef019: I edited the title of your thread to reflect the fact that they're Linux drivers...
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    now I just have to wait for SuSE to add the driver to their repository....
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    Damn, now the drivers installer says that my compiler isnt the same as the compiler used for Debian's kernel that im using so it wont compile (says that kernel rejects modules compiled with other compiler version).

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