Nvida card stutters, glitches randomly. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by gregusan, Apr 2, 2001.

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    Hi again: I've tried both a Hercules Geforce2 MX, and a Diaomond Vipper 550/TNT2, and both do the same thing, regardless of drivers.<br>
    (of course, I haven't tried every driver out there... but about 3 or 4, that's why I need you guys help!)<br>
    When playing the R/C flight simulator Realflight Deluxe, the planes or helicopters will suddenly glitch or yank themselves in various directions, as though you're giving sudden, radical imputs to the controller. It does it randomlly, and sometimes it's bad enough to cause the aircraft to crash. Sometimes the sound will also "glitch" or stutter along with the video image of the aircraft.<br>
    I've tried many BIOS settings, and also different sound cards. However, this problem seems to be present on every K6 computer with an Nvidia card that I've tried with this game (about 3).<br>
    After all the headaches, I tried a Voodoo3/3000 and it's perfectly crisp, clear, smooth, and just fine! But I would still like to use the Nvidia cards in my friend's and my spare computer.<br>
    Anyone find a fix for this? Please let me know..... <br>
    Please e mail me at Gregusan@aol.com
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    It seems like u've MVP3 based mobo. Its' AGP imlementation is TERRIBLE. Try to switch to lowest AGP transfer rate (1x). <br>
    BTW had u installed AGP GART driver?<br>

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