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Discussion in 'nVHardPage' started by Whitey7, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. Whitey7

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    I cannot get it to work. I un-zip the files & create a file to put them in. But when I click on the exe. file it locks up system. A few seconds later it comes up w/some error messege. Please Help ;(
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    ZOTAC GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB GDDR3
    Yes, some peoples have this problem. At now I working on fix for this problem. If anybody have this problem, please send me text from error message ... thanxxx.

    Matus Paculik - creator of nVHardPage
  3. Whitey7

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    Sorry....I'm the RETARD!!

    Didn't have the DATA file in with it when I double-clicked on exe. Or should I say didn't pull it out of the zip-window as well. Once I did that it worked like a charm. Helped me to get my new all time ****ty score on 3DMark03. From 1700 to 1802. 1000 whole points. I'm inpressed. As well as the new 42.86's installed. Ilike the AGP option. It should come in handy when I get a GeForce FX.

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