1. Beren-OneHand

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    EVGA GTX 580
    Warcraft 3 Movies work now, and the little AGP slider stays at 4x

    i like the warcraft 3 movies, theyre very well done
  2. I'm assuming you're talking about Core/Mem speeds.

    Geforce 4 Ti4600's run at a default speed combination of:

    Core: 300Mhz
    Mem: 650Mhz

    Check out my Videocard Guide for Clock Speeds, Memory Bandwidth, and Fillrate for a lot of the latest generation cards @ http://home.grics.net/overclocked/cardguide.xls
  3. solbergfan

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    evga 8800GT 512megDDR
    Tried and they ran alright but my temp went from 40 to 66. Plus it caused a little bit of flicker. Went back to my old ones.
  4. FlyTSI

    FlyTSI Guest

    Re: Can someone see if Morrowind stuttering issues are fixed?

    Morrowind still stinks, it seems very slightly better but still not really playable, back to 45.33 for me.

  5. MastA

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    BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC AGP
    yeah i got a whole lot of flickering in madden2004 and fifa2004 the crowd looks very weird with these drivers
  6. Seafort

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    Inno3D 8800GTS 640MB
    i click the link to dl the 52.70 drivers and i get to dl the guru3d.html page.

    tried a few times now...no luck.

    hope u can fix the link
  7. KaBoom1701

    KaBoom1701 Guest

    Drivers work great for me!

    Tested them in CNC Generals Zero Hour and they run smooth and look great.

    Thanks again.

  8. locki

    locki Guest


    lemme just share what i found out using 52.70...

    here are the results:

    San Marino Inno3d 52.16 original track texture

    2003-11-06 17:02:05 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 7001 - Time: 88437ms - Avg: 79.163 - Min: 64 - Max: 95

    2003-11-06 17:03:51 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 4187 - Time: 88577ms - Avg: 47.269 - Min: 41 - Max: 51

    San Marino Inno3d 52.16 JPSM track texture

    2003-11-09 22:32:12 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 6588 - Time: 84612ms - Avg: 77.861 - Min: 62 - Max: 93

    2003-11-10 21:58:36 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 4116 - Time: 88477ms - Avg: 46.520 - Min: 40 - Max: 51

    Sn Marino 43.45 JPSM track texture

    2003-11-11 10:09:14 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 6202 - Time: 88457ms - Avg: 70.113 - Min: 60 - Max: 77

    2003-11-11 10:11:00 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 4065 - Time: 88407ms - Avg: 45.980 - Min: 40 - Max: 51

    San Marino Omega 45.23 JPSM track texture

    2003-11-11 11:06:06 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 6994 - Time: 88427ms - Avg: 79.093 - Min: 63 - Max: 96

    2003-11-11 11:07:46 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 4202 - Time: 88448ms - Avg: 47.508 - Min: 41 - Max: 51

    San Marino nv 52.70 JPSM track texture

    2003-11-13 12:10:39 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 6973 - Time: 88307ms - Avg: 78.963 - Min: 64 - Max: 94

    2003-11-13 12:12:20 - F1 Challenge 99-02
    Frames: 4185 - Time: 88497ms - Avg: 47.289 - Min: 41 - Max: 51

    im using fraps btw.

    as you can see, the 52.70 is faster than 52.16 by quite a margin, also, the iq is better than 52.16...

    but omega 45.23 still wins the battle for performance and iq...

    now how about some omega 52.70?

    also, the game is more stable than 52.16...so nvidia did a good job this time.

    the only thing i dont like about this new set is that it forces itself to install again after uninstalling from the control panel, even driver cleaner couldnt find that shi*, if you happen to want to install another driver, you may need to delete this file:


    there are two files with that filename but different file extensions, i already forgot what those are, ;)
  9. Loaded

    Loaded Guest

    well i guess it just really depends on what card you have and what games you play... I have the Leadtek A350 Ultra and they still overheat my card :(
  10. joe187

    joe187 Master Guru

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    MSI RTX 3060ti
    the core temp threshold is now back up to 134 (like it was with the 44.xx), with 52.16 it was like around 114 or something, but the actual temps are still higher then 44.xx; gained 500 points in Aquamark, and a few extra in fs2002, stable and fast, they're keepers for me!

  11. BladeRunner

    BladeRunner Ancient Guru

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    Asus 1080Ti STRIX
    Finally a proper Forceware driver to do a good job in CS ,constant 90s-100fps ,even in a big firefight ,definite keepers for me.
  12. Rocky113

    Rocky113 Guest

    I ordered a Jaton GF FX5900 256MB Model 3DFORCEFX-5900-256 from newegg.com cant wait!!!!!!! $399.00

    Little high but its time to put the 5200 to rest.
  13. Creekin

    Creekin Guest

    the reason ur being redirected to the homepage is stated quite clearly on the DL page...

    in a big blue box.....seems its true..we are now trained to ignore anything we think to be a "WEB AD"
    so who PAYS for the damn things???????

    check out the info funnily enuff labelled....

    "Can't download ?"

    Mass-downloaders - Please do not use them. You will likely end up with a corrupt download.

    Can't download ? - Keep getting returned to the homepage ? Disable your firewall software (example: Norton Internet Security) or the firewall in your Router. Make sure your cookies are enabled. This site checks referrer information as part of an anti-leech protection routine. If the server can not see that you are actually downloading a file from our server the download will be halted and you will be send towards our homepage.

    SERVER USER LIMITS - When a download fails to start or is downrigth slow it's because the file server is already serving its maximum configured limit of simultaneous users. This happens most frequently on weekends and at prime-time on USA and Europe time. Nothing we can do about it. Please, try again later.
  14. BFA

    BFA Ancient Guru

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    ASUS GTX470
    this is what 52.16 should have been...
  15. HavoC82

    HavoC82 Member

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    Zotac 570 GTX
    great drivers except it the bug with the icons is still there

    :( :mad: :rolleyes:

  16. Creekin

    Creekin Guest

    really?? :(

    am still Dling it.. *grumbledamn56kgrumble*

    was hoping to fix the icon prob in particular...
  17. Ethan_06

    Ethan_06 Guest

    Love em
  18. blunden

    blunden Master Guru

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    ASUS RTX 3080 TUF
    What is the icon-bug people are talking about? I'm thinking of trying these 52.70 dets with my GF 4 Ti4400? Do you think this is a good idea?
  19. chris454

    chris454 Active Member

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    WinFast A350 Ultra TDH MyVIVO flashed A380
    These are great, I love em.
    No temp problems with my Leadtek A350 Ultra, what so ever.

  20. Creekin

    Creekin Guest

    i change my desktop icons....
    and rename "My Computer" to " " (space)
    so that my my comp toolbar is shorter.... ;)


    with the 52.16s the icons would reset to default at reboot... :(

    along with all the other probs reported with these drivers..was enough for me to roll back to 41.09! to get a decent set

    thats my icon prob anyway...only heard from 1 other person with it...so not sure if thats the ONLY icon prob :rolleyes:

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